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venom_airdrop-min News NFT
Mag 21, 20231195 min read

Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet Venom Blockchain AirdropThe Venom Testnet is an innovative platform that offers a secure and…

layerzero-min News NFT
Mag 16, 20231755 min read

Layer Zero Airdrop Step by Step Layer Zero Airdrop Step by Step this article is a bit difficult to understand…

linea-min News NFT
Mag 8, 20231506 min read

Linea Voyage Airdrop What is Linea Voyage? Linea Voyage Airdrop is a journey that a user can undertake to learn…

sui-min News NFT
Mag 5, 20231945 min read

Airdrop SUI Step 1 Airdrop SUI So let’s start first of all we have to connect…guess what? To Zealy obvious…

zetachain-min News NFT
Apr 26, 20234047 min read

ZetaChain Airdrop Eligible: How to Qualify and Claim Your Tokens ZetaChain is a public blockchain that enables omnichain, generic smart…

metatime-min News NFT
Apr 18, 20233506 min read

Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime The Largest Airdrop Event in History Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime.The Metatime ecosystem is making a big…

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chikoroko-min News NFT

ChikoRoko 1 NFT Free Every Day

NikoNFTGiu 2, 202377 min read

ChikoRoko 1 NFT Free Every Day ChikoRoko.Good morning crypto friends guess what where there are free NFTs there is always niko at the forefront!This project is usually not the usual…

zetaguild-min News NFT

ZetaChain Guild Airdrop Eligible 2 Phase Get Badges!

NikoNFTMag 30, 2023684 min read

ZetaChain Guild Airdrop Eligible 2 Phase Get Badges! ZetaChain GuildAnd here we are, with part two to try to increase your chances of being eligible for ZetaChain airdrop.I hope that…

FusionX_airdrop-min News NFT

FusionX Airdrop Possible Join Testnet

NikoNFTMag 29, 2023595 min read

FusionX Airdrop What is FusionX Finance? FusionX Airdrop Possible Join Testnet is a decentralized exchange built on the Mantle Network, which is known for its emphasis on transparency, composability, and lightning-fast…

zeta_airdrop-min-1 News NFT

ZetaChainPad Airdrop SCAM Confirmed 3,000,000

NikoNFTMag 25, 20231803 min read

ZetaChainPad Airdrop Confirmed 3,000,000 ZetaChainPad Airdrop Well well crypto friends I came across this new project, I premise that a little bit it seems strange after the cheelee super scam…

cheelee-min News NFT

SCAM Cheelee $5M Token Airdrop

NikoNFTMag 23, 2023845 min read

SCAM Cheelee $5M Token Airdrop SCAM Cheelee In your opinion is this a scam? Yes and it is really well done….but let’s see it together!All the big Airdrop pages are…

venom_airdrop-min News NFT

Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

NikoNFTMag 21, 20231195 min read

Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet Venom Blockchain AirdropThe Venom Testnet is an innovative platform that offers a secure and user-friendly environment for developers, users, and enthusiasts to interact with…

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News NFT Games & Blockchain

gameswift_free-min News NFT
Mag 18, 2023763 min read

GameSwift Ground Zero 3 NFT free Step by Step GameSwift Ground Zero gear up, complete quests, and become a groundbreaker…

metaworldmy-min News NFT
Mag 1, 2023863 min read

MetaWorld Guide MetaWorld Netmarble Earning Meta-Money Are you looking for a game that combines strategy, management, and competition while offering…

artificat_game-min News NFT
Apr 22, 2023955 min read

Artyfact Game: An Innovative Gaming Platform Built on Blockchain Technology Artyfact Game is a new and innovative gaming platform that…

blocklords-min News NFT
Apr 17, 20231463 min read

BlockLords Strategy Game Explore the World of Medieval Fiefdoms BlockLords Strategy Game is a blockchain-based strategy game that has taken…

myriaSigil2-min News NFT
Apr 13, 20232833 min read

Airdrop Myria Alliance Keys NFT Free Airdrop Myria Alliance Keys Are you ready to help your Alliance find the keys?…

SplinterlandsLand-min News NFT
Apr 8, 20231323 min read

Splinterlands Land: A New Era of Blockchain Gaming Splinterlands Land is a new feature that has been eagerly anticipated by…

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NFT Key Terminology News Top NFT Games & NFT Airdrops

  • Game blockchain : (also known as NFT gaming or crypto game ) is a video game that includes elements that use crypto -based blockchain technologies . The blockchain elements in these games are often based on the use of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens ( NFT ) that players can buy, sell or trade with other players.
  • Free-to-play : possibility that offers players to play without investing and offers the possibility of having an economic return by playing. Example of popular games from 2021/2023 Gods Unchained, Alien Wordls , PlanetQuest, The Sandbox, Mir4 , Blankos block party, Blocklords, Mobox, Chain of legends etc.
  • Play-to-earn : allow players to farm or collect cryptocurrencies and NFTs , which can be sold on the market. By playing regularly, each player can earn multiple items or tokens to sell and thus generate income. However, this activity involves risks, because in general it is necessary to invest some capital to buy the characters and objects to be used to play.
  • Airdrop: an airdrop, in the cryptocurrency industry, is a marketing activity adopted by crypto issuing organizations to promote their crypto project and token. Airdrop consists of the free distribution of a native cryptocurrency to the wallets of current or potential users. 
  • Testnet: Typically, testnet are a separate version of a blockchain  main network (mainnet), where both users and developers can experiment and test new features without risking losing cryptocurrencies or assets. Example Layer Zero , Zetachain , Metatime , Linea etc.

News Top NFT Games & NFT Airdrops

  • Blockchain : A type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT ) where transactions are recorded with cryptographic signatures
  • Cryptoasset : cryptographically protected digital representation ( through cryptography ) of a value or contractual rights that uses some type of DLT and can be transferred, stored or exchanged electronically.
  • Cryptocurrency : An example of a cryptoasset , for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bnb, Solana, Matic, Wax, Polygon etc.
  • DLT – A distributed digital database that records transactions that are authenticated and verified across multiple systems ( a peer-to-peer network ).
  • Minted : the process in which an NFT or NFT free is created specific features are encoded and incorporated into the NFT .
  • Node : participation of the computer in the operation of a DLT agreement .
  • Non-fungible : unique and not interchangeable.
  • MetaMask is a mobile and desktop crypto wallet that allows users to store, transfer and trade digital assets.

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