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Who I am, what I do, and my passion for blockchain games & Airdrop

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About Me. My name is Niko and I am 29 years old, I define myself as a curious person by nature. I like to learn and discover new places and things, in fact through my passion such as computer science I manage monthly to earn the right amount of money, a rather quiet life; while having to incur in various sacrifices and a lot of willpower in studying and keeping up to date.
I am a Software Developer of web applications.

All the topics I cover run on blockchains, which in jargon can be translated as “blockchain” It is a shared and immutable data structure. Also defined as a digital ledger whose entries are grouped into blocks, concatenated in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography. In the digital age, you know, we have now become accustomed to wanting and longing for ,a job or simply a passion, capable of interconnecting and placing profit through innovative methods, such as in this case the NFT

My pastime has always been playing games, especially RPGs(role-playing games) action, adventure et al. The difference is that before I used to buy a game and by necessity, I needed a playstation. Now I continue to play games, but profitably with a PC or smartphone.

If I have succeeded in striking your curiosity, you can become part of this new project as and when you wish. All you have to do is take a progressive look at the various articles I will be publishing, which depending on various commitments I will try to update at least once a week.

If you are new to this so fascinating world i.e. the so-called Web3.0 , I suggest you start from the Academy section, precisely from this post

-> Cosa sono gli NFT?

Another very useful element of this world on which you can find endless information about all the dapp is the site DappRadar.

In each post you will find all kinds of information about any blockchain games that are emerging in the last period, but also the latest news about NFTs in general.
I thank you for your attention, wish you a good stay on my site and if you like follow me on twitter & Medium for all the updates!

My skill
Software Developer 100%
WordPress 85%
SEO 60%