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Action Games NFT on blockchain are based on skillful gameplay combined with action mechanics. This game genre is mainly about battles and fighting. They may also involve guns and gunfights, the popular shooters. Learn more by reading the articles in this section!

newnftgame_galagames Action Games NFT

Gala Games Grit Epic Games Store

Gala Games Grit Epic Games Store Web3 game company Gala Games Grit said it will publish its blockchain games on the Epic Games Store, starting with the Wild West title Grit . This is a big step forward for the visibility and mainstream potential of games with NFT tokens, which use blockchain to authenticate unique … Gala Games Grit Epic Games Store Leggi altro » ...
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newnftgame_ninokuni Action Games NFT

Ni No Kuni Tutorial

Ni no Kuni Tutorial: Cross Worlds Ni no Kuni Tutorial: Cross Worlds is an expansion to the Ni no Kuni series thatreimagines the fantasy world of the original games. Anime-style graphicsUnreal Engine 4, combine to immerse players in a unique gaming experience.Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds uses a blockchain system based on gameplay,which gives players … Ni No Kuni Tutorial Leggi altro » ...
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newnftgame_bombcryptoamazon1 Action Games NFT

Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode

Bomb Crypto Amazon Introduzione Bomb Crypto Amazon is a play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain.It offers storyline mode, PVE mode and PVP mode. All in which you can earn rewards, you can start playing via PC and via access with MetaMask. The initial cost to be able to participate in the game is 10 BCOIN … Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode Leggi altro » ...
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new_nft_game_minesofdalarnia Action Games NFT

Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial

Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial Mines of Dalarnia is an intergalactic mining adventure game in which players dig for rare resources(minerals and gems) in order to create new items and equipment to advance in a territory. The goal of a miner in Darlania is to become more powerful and efficient, gather riches, face challenges and monsters … Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial Leggi altro » ...
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new_nft_game_axie_nfinity_origin Action Games NFT

Axie Infinity Origin

Axie Infinity Origin Alpha The central goal of this Axie Infinity Origin versionin early access is to gather player feedback and game data in order to tweak and improve it before the full launch.For this reason, there may be significant changes between now and the global release.It is critical to note that all progress made … Axie Infinity Origin Leggi altro » ...
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