Alien Worlds Syndicates

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Alien Worlds Syndicates

Alien Worlds Syndicates. Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates represent the evolution of the game guild, offering players the unique opportunity to create their own rules and drive their own gameplay. Supported by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) architecture, players can govern their communities, create and participate in team games, and allocate digital resources within large treasuries, making them co-owners of the systems with which they interact.

Each of the six planets in Alien Worlds is a union. Players can support one or more planets by staking Trilium (TLM), the fungible in-game token and scarce resource of the game, to vote for leaders who decide what games and activities to offer the community, what events to organize, and how to distribute assets in each planet’s substantial treasury.

Players strategize, collaborate and compete against each other and, within the DAO ecosystem, control and create their own experience without a predetermined set of game rules.

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Alien Worlds Syndicates Conversion of TLM to Planetary Tokens

Trilium conversion to a respective planetary token is required to:

Become a member, or “Citizen,” of a Planetary Union
Vote in the weekly election for Candidates
To register and run for election.

Staking allows explorers to vote for candidates in planetary syndicate elections. The longer players put their planetary tokens in play, the more voting power they will have for their favorite candidate in the weekly elections. Also, the more Planetary tokens they have wagered, the greater their voting power. This is called “Post Weighted Voting” with the addition of a time component.

The procedure for voting staking is as follows:

Convert Trilium to planetary syndicate tokens. See Convert TLM to planetary tokens.
Stake tokens for a period of time to increase voting power
Vote in weekly elections to avoid vote decay

Alien Worlds Syndicates Become a Citizen

alien_worlds_Syndicates_cittadin_newnftgame Alien Worlds Syndicates

All Explorers can browse Planetary details, such as lists and profiles of Candidates and Keepers, but only when an Explorer converts at least 1 Trilium into a planetary token of a respective planet and signs the terms of membership, that ‘Explorer will become a citizen of that planet.

Explorers are not limited to participating in a Planetary Syndicate. They can become a citizen of any Planetary Syndicate for which they have the respective planetary token. The process for becoming a Planetary Syndicate Citizen are:

Convert at least 1TLM into a respective Planetary Syndicate planetary token.

The symbol denoting an explorer is a citizen of a respective syndicate
Once an explorer becomes a citizen of a planetary syndicate, the symbol above will be shown next to the explorer’s player status.

Website; Alien Worlds

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