Axie Infinity Tutorial Scholar!

axie infinity tutorial nft

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Axie Infinity Tutorial Scholarship!

Axie infinity tutorial is becoming more and more popular because of its Play-to-earn mechanics in which you can earn SLP token that can be exchanged for your local currency. This is the main reason why many are building real “Axie Infinity Scholarships.”
The way it works is very simple a manager or guild purchases three axies to give to a player called a “scholar” who will play on behalf of the manager. The earnings made online i.e., the SLP token will then be divided between the scholar and the manager according to an agreed percentage.

Axie infinity start

This article assumes that you have already played Axie Infinity. So, you already have an Axie Infinity account, a MetaMask account, and a Ronin account. However, if you want to read an introduction for axie infinity Three Axies might cost too much,the cheapest Axie costs about $150.
There is no guarantee that the cheap Axie you bought will be a good fighter in Arena and/or Adventure mode,
and that could hurt your entire operation.
As you already know the three axies in your team should have synergy with each other. The basic combo is that there are 1 defender and 2 attackers. You have to win to earn the SLP token.
So this big initial investment is why many of those who cannot afford it and look at the Axie Infinity scholarships offered by managers.

Let's go

axie-infinity-tutorial-nft-team Axie Infinity Tutorial Scholar!

In an Axie scholarship, the manager provides the three Axies that the player will use to play and earn SLP. This is ideal for players who cannot purchase their own 3-axie teams. It is also ideal for players who want to learn more about Axie before making their initial investment. Whether Axie is right for them or not, the Axie Infinity scholarship can help them with their initial decision.

What the scholar gets when he or she joins an Axie fellowship:

3 axies loaned so they can start playing.
Managers provide information on the details of each axie.
Tips for earning more SLPs.

Then the manager will take all the risk of buying the three Axies to lend to the player.
In this way, the player has peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens in Axie,
he has not lost out on anything!

axie-infinity-tutorial-nft-slp-1024x576 Axie Infinity Tutorial Scholar!
Axie infinity tutorial token SLP

It depends on the agreement between the scholar and the manager. Some have a fixed date for example every 15 and 30 days of the month. Basically it is very simple.

  • Synchronize SLP from the game to the Axie Infinity dashboard.
  • Transfer SLP from Ronin to MetaMask.
  • Transfer SLP from MetaMask to Binance, then exchange it to USDT and then withdraw in your local currency via P2P.

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