Big Time How to Play Action RPG

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Big Time How to Play Action RPG

Big Time How to Play Action RPG is a free-to-play multiplayer action role-playing game that combines fast-paced combat with an adventure through time and space.

Explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations as you make your way through history. Collect loot, cosmetics and rare NFT tokens as you fight and defeat enemies.
Collect and trade your NFTs to decorate your avatar and your personal Time Machine, where you can hang out with your friends. Expand your Time Machine and production capabilities with SPACE to join our game-creating economy.

The game development team consists of some big names in the game industry. The founding team includes Ari Meilich (CEO and former founder of Decentraland), Thor Alexander (CPO and co-founder, former vice president of production at Decentraland), and Matthew Tonks (CTO, who has worked with big names such as Fortnite and Gears of Guerra).

The BETA version of Big Time is expected to launch this year, but until then, interested players must purchase passes to access the game.

Play for free, collect in-game items and tokens, produce NFTs or hang out with friends… Unlimited environments and adventure instances offer INFINITE replayability. The game options are endless.

Big Time How to Play Action RPG

bigtime_roadmap_newsnftgame Big Time How to Play Action RPG

Big Time players must engage in battles through history, defeat enemies and undertake dangerous quests to earn tokens. But there are some prerequisites to becoming a token hunter.

1)acquire SPACE in the game or through the marketplace to place a timekeeper portal.
2)unlock a timekeeper portal in the game or acquire one from the market to summon the timekeeper.
3)collecting tokens requires the use of a special item called an hourglass. So, collect this item in the game or buy it from the Big Time market.
4) now you can start looking for tokens in the game.
5) visit the timekeeper to fill your hourglass since it is not unlimited.

Because tokens will be a highly sought-after item, the creators of the game decided to keep the token community-driven and did this so that players can only collect tokens within the game.

Big Time How to Play NFT PG

bigtime_class_newsnftgame Big Time How to Play Action RPG

Time Warriors
These tanks bear the brunt of your opponent’s attacks, so your other teammates stay safe. They have a unique buff that increases the HP of other players in their range and recovers some of it whenever they are hit.

Time Warriors also boast the greatest damage potential and it is advisable to have at least one in your group.

Quantum Fixers
These are the game’s healers and casting abilities that can increase the attack, movement speed, magic damage, mitigation, cooldown reduction and energy regeneration of their allies.

They can also reduce enemies’ evasion, dodging and blocking rates so that their allies can quickly deal damage to their teams. They can also revive and heal all allies within a certain radius, so be sure to have at least one fixer on your team in high-level dungeons.


Chronomancers are the class of mages who deal with multiple enemies at once. Their attacks inflict damage over time and slow enemies within a certain radius so that your allies can hit enemies safely or dodge their attacks.

They also inflict long-range attacks that can amplify damage, but the only drawback is that their defense is very low, so they must be protected by frontline troops such as Time Warriors.

Shadowbladers are similar to ninjas and focus on inflicting high damage in a short period. They also possess some abilities that increase their damage in melee, killing enemies with a single blow.

This warrior class also boasts the highest speed in the game, allowing them to explore the entire area and complete objectives quickly. The only caveat is that they have low defense, so you should be cautious about using them.
Explanation of Big Time tokens

In addition to their collecting value, Big Time tokens can also be used to purchase ultra-rare and exclusive in-game NFTs, speed up creation times, and repair damaged and depleted items.

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