Binance Easter Egg Hunt is here!

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The Binance Easter Egg Hunt is here!

Binance Easter Egg, Activity Period: 2023–04–06 00:00–2023–04–19 23:59 (UTC)

Are you egg-cited to join us for an adventure all the way to the moon and back?

 Get started by partnering up with the Binance Bunny for an Easter Egg Hunt mini game. The top 100 users with the most collected Easter Eggs will be eligible to share an egg-citing prize pool of 1 ETH, 10 BNB and 10,000 USDT in token vouchers!

How to Play, How many times can I play?

binanceEgg Binance Easter Egg Hunt is here!

Visit the activity page, complete the video tutorial, and you’ll start off with 200 Easter Eggs in your basket.
Tap on the Binance Easter Egg and Hopping Bunny as they pop up on the screen. Avoid hitting the Courageous Little Chick, and try to collect as many Easter Eggs as possible in each mini game.
You can play up to two times daily. To unlock your second game, press [Share on Social] after completing your first game and ask a friend to click on the link you’ve shared.

One attempt is granted every day. If you want to get an additional attempt, click ‘Share’ after your first attempt of the day. You will unlock the second attempt once your shared link has been clicked by someone else!

How to Win Binance Easter Egg: task

Rankings Reward in Token Voucher
binanceEggstart Binance Easter Egg Hunt is here!
  • 1st Place 1 ETH
  • 2nd — 11th Places
  • Equal Share of 10 BNB
  • 12th — 100th Places
  • Equal Share of 10,000 USDT

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