Blankos Block Party Brawl

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Blankos Block Party Brawl

Blankos Block Party Brawl is a free play-to-earn multiplayer universe also built by you. You can play thousands of shooter, racing, and collection-style games created by the players themselves.
The things you earn and buy in Blankos are yours. Every Blanko is an NFT, which means it has value and can be sold and bought in the marketplace.
You can also easily design and build all kinds of board games for all tastes without coding.
All you need is to give room for your creativity!
Currently, Blankos Block Party is available for all regions on macOS and PC
Blankos tutorial!

Blankos Block Party Brawl : Movement changes

For this update, there is a new mechanic to replace the double jump. By holding down the jump button after a jump or fall, you will begin to drift jump. Your Blanko will temporarily stop in the air by kicking his feet up to stay afloat for a short time, determined by how long you hold down the jump button. You will now be more easily able to time and place your landings!

MS35-gameplayChanges-driftJump5-045b6e Blankos Block Party Brawl

In this update all flight accessories are universalized. This means that no matter what type of flight accessory you have equipped, whether it is a jetpack, a pair of wings, or a hot air balloon, it will not affect the way you fly. This puts everyone on the same playing field; and now you don’t have to sacrifice integrity of style for functionality!

Flight – Mode on mouseover
New mechanic in the world of flight: hovering! By simply pressing “C” on the keyboard, with a flight accessory provided, you will be put into hover mode. In this mode, your height position will remain constant until you stop. Pay attention to your energy meter, however, as hovering subtracts energy and you will begin to fall when it reaches zero.

MS35-gameplayChanges-hover3-03b883 Blankos Block Party Brawl

Blankos Block Party Brawl : Weapon

New weapon: Blanko Bat
This bat is best designed to swing vibrations from your enemies, as well as do some damage!

You can hold down the fire button to charge the bat, up to 3 states of charge, with each state increasing the damage dealt once the bat is swung.

Caution though! You are limited from jumping into the charge state and can also be wiped from your swing.

MS35-gameplayChanges-BAT-db83bf Blankos Block Party Brawl

There are several ways to earn money by playing Blankos. You can earn Blankos Bucks and NFT items by completing different challenges, daily, weekly, and seasonal.
Completing challenges will increase progression on the Party Pass, eventually unlocking small amounts of Blanko Bucks and NFT items.
Players can also earn NFTs by participating in events such as Build Challenges. All NFTs can be sold in the mythical marketplace.
Blankos NFTs are linked to your account and stored on an EOS Blockchain.

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