Blankos Tutorial

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Blankos Tutorial

Blankos Tutorial Block Party is a free play-to-earn multiplayer universe also built by you. You can play thousands of shooter, racing, and collection-style games created by the players themselves.
The things you earn and buy in Blankos are yours. Every Blanko is an NFT, which means it has value and can be sold and bought in the marketplace.
You can also easily design and build all kinds of board games for all tastes without coding. All you need is to give room for your creativity!
Currently, Blankos Block Party is available for all regions on macOS and PC

Blankos Amazon Prime

Thanks to this fantastic collaboration for those who own amazon first you can redeem several prizes let’s see together which ones!

The King Karat bundle contains:
Blanko King Karat (NFT)
10 large ESP tokens
6 drops are available from December 2021 to March 2022. Sign in monthly to redeem more exclusive loot, Prime members only.

new-nft-game-blankos1 Blankos Tutorial

After clicking the blue redemption button and linking your Prime and Blankos accounts, start Blankos Block Party. Check your shelf for your new Blanko. Accessories are available with any Blanko that has been opened in the accessories tab.

new-nft-game-blankos Blankos Tutorial

Blankos Tutorial ESP, Gumball, Moola e Blankos Bucks

  • Moola and Blanko Bucks are in-game currencies. Blanko Bucks is the currency using real money, while Moola is the grind currency you get from playing the game.
  • ESP Tokens can be found in the shelf and are used to level up any of your Blanko Bucks. Just click on a Blanko to upgrade it!
  • Gumballs are used to give new colors to your Blankos. To use Gumballs, access the “Vendor Blender” in downtown Junction via the Social tab.
Blankos Tutorial quest daily

Every day the daily results are reset. To give you a chance to earn Moola, XP and level up . When you level up, you will get more skill points. Leveling is Blanko specific, so you will have to level each Blanko individually.
The current maximum level is 15.

new-nft-game-blankos4 Blankos Tutorial
Blankos NFT

There are several ways to earn money by playing Blankos. You can earn Blankos Bucks and NFT items by completing different challenges, daily, weekly, and seasonal.
Completing challenges will increase progression on the Party Pass, eventually unlocking small amounts of Blanko Bucks and NFT items.
Players can also earn NFTs by participating in events such as Build Challenges. All NFTs can be sold in the mythical marketplace.
Blankos NFTs are linked to your account and stored on an EOS Blockchain.

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