BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain

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BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain

BlueMove, my friends, in one of the last articles I introduced BlueMove’s Airdrop….but let’s see in more detail what BlueMove is!

Welcome to BlueMove

BlueMove is the community-first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for participating.

NFT for MOVErs

This is who we are.

Part of being community-first means that BlueMove rewards, empowers, and gives back to the platform’s users and creators.

  • 1f48e BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain Get rewarded — Users that buy or sell any NFTs on BlueMove earn MOVE tokens.
  • 1f91d BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain Share the platform fees
  • 26a1 BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain Creators get paid instantly — Creators get royalty payments at the moment of sale.

A look at the RoadMap;

Blumove_road_map BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain

BlueMove Stake $MOVE, Earn $MOVE​​

Starting on the 09th of April 2023100% of all trading fees are distributed to iMOVE holders.

Collected fees will be used to buy $MOVE and distribute them to iMOVE holders. This currently represents over $2M in trading volume over 4 months. iMOVE stands for vote escrowed $MOVE, they are $MOVE vote locked in the BlueMove DAO.

In addition to receiving $MOVE from transaction fees, when you stake $MOVE you will also receive a certain amount of $MOVE corresponding to the time and number of $MOVE you lock.

You can also lock $MOVE to obtain a boost on your listing/trading rewards.

Locking your $MOVE

Once you know how much and how long you wish to lock for, visit the following page:

Enter the amount you want to lock and select your expiry. Remember locking is not reversible. The amount of iMOVE received will depend on how much and how long you vote for.

iMOVE cannot be transferred. The only way to obtain iMOVE is by locking MOVE. The maximum lock time is one year. One MOVE locked for one month provides an initial balance of one iMOVE.

A user’s iMOVE balance decays linearly as the remaining time until the MOVE unlock decreases. For example, a balance of 4000 MOVE locked for three months provides the same amount of iMOVE as 2000 MOVE locked for six months, or 1000 MOVE locked for one year.

Stake MOVE, Earn NFT​​

In case you don’t want your MOVE locked for a certain period of time, you can also stake MOVE to receive NFTs from BlueMove partners.

  • The minimum number of $MOVE required to participate in staking is 1000.
  • The stake amount must be in multiples of 1000.
  • For every 1000 $MOVE staked for 30 consecutive days, you will have a chance to randomly receive any one NFT.
  • If you withdraw your MOVE before the 30 days are up, you will not receive any rewards.
  • Staking must take place continuously. If there is a withdrawal, the time will reset to 0.

Trade any NFT on BlueMove.

Earn MOVE tokens.


Trading rewards are a core part of BlueMove’s token economy as we seek to become the most liquid marketplace for NFTs in the world.

How do trading rewards work?​
Blumove_rewards BlueMove first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain

Users who trade any NFTs on BlueMove earn trading rewards in the form of MOVE, BlueMove’s platform token.

Both the buyer and seller of an item earn rewards for their trading volume (except for private sales).

Trading rewards are calculated daily and rewarded to users at 0:00 AM (UTC).

Please also note that only trading volume resulting from orders created by the BlueMove Marketplace is included in the daily trading reward calculation.

Any trades matched from custom orders created by private client libraries, or other unofficial marketplaces, are treated as outside of the BlueMove Marketplace and are not eligible for trading rewards. For trades made via NFT market aggregators, contact your aggregator to ask about trading rewards.

Trading rewards will be earned over 4 phases with differing reward rates.

Note that rewards are subject to change depending on market conditions.

What are the criteria for listings to earn $MOVE?​​

Users will receive Listing Reward every day for all items that they have listed for sale on BlueMove that meet these criteria:

  • The listed NFT is from one of the Listing Leaderboard
  • The listing is an active and executable order
  • Listings must be live for a minimum of 24 hours in order to start accumulating $MOVE
  • Listings must not expire within 1 hour of each snapshot in order to qualify for that snapshot

Which collections are eligible?

In addition to the below criteria for individual listings, the collections must meet these criteria to be eligible for listing rewards.

  • Total item count 10,000 or fewer
  • Greater than 0% royalties
When are $MOVE counted and distributed?​​

Users receive $MOVE token every day for listings that meet the criteria above.

Each day’s $MOVE will start being counted from 0:00 AM (UTC) and run for 144 snapshots every 10 minutes until 0:00 AM (UTC) the next day.

Every day’s MOVE reward will be claimable whenever your MOVE balance is greater than 1 MOVE.

“The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All investment decisions should be based on your own evaluation of your investment needs, investment objectives, and financial situation. The value of investments may increase or decrease, and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in financial instruments always involve a certain degree of risk, and investors are responsible for understanding the risks associated with the investments they make. Before making any investment, it is recommended to seek the help of a qualified and authorized financial industry professional.”

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