Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode

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Bomb Crypto Amazon Introduzione

Bomb Crypto Amazon is a play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain.
It offers storyline mode, PVE mode and PVP mode. All in which you can earn rewards, you can start playing via PC and via access with MetaMask.

The initial cost to be able to participate in the game is 10 BCOIN (or 1 Bomber Hero).
The higher the rarity of the hero, the higher the stored energy bar, so the longer it heals, if there is no home, the recovery rate will be 0.5 energy/min
The higher the hero’s stamina, the higher the energy reserve.

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newnftgame_bombcryptoamazon Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode

Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode

Amazon Survival Mode has reached the final stages of completion and will be released this month with the following features:

  • New economic mechanism v2.
  • Increased chest value up to 600%.
  • Removed the nerf/ROI system in Amazon Survival.
  • Natural disasters will occur in the Amazon rainforest, and if the hero runs into a disaster while working, he will immediately fall asleep and run out of energy.
  • Launched a new type of hero with 100% disaster protection equipment.
  • Introduced a new hero summoning by fusing at least 5 heroes.
  • Released a function to repair disaster-resistant equipment by burning at least 1 hero.
newnftgame_bombcryptoamazon2 Bomb Crypto Amazon Survival Mode

Bomb Crypto Market & Vip Open

Recently in addition to the total opening of the market, the VIP feature was also released, let’s see in detail how it is structured.

VIP1: BCOIN +1 Hero Box/15 days
VIP2: BCOIN +1 Shield/1 day +1 Conquest Card/1 day +1 Hero Box/15 days
VIP3: BCOIN +2 Shield/1 day +2 Conquest Cards/1 day +2 Hero Boxes/15 days

Note: Shield and Conquest Card are 2 items that will be used in PvP (Q2/2022).

Whereas regarding the market currently we have the following system-imposed minimum prices:

Rare with minimum price (BCOIN): 100
Common with minimum price (BCOIN): 10
Super Rare with minimum price (BCOIN): 200
Epic minimum price (BCOIN): 300
Legend minimum price (BCOIN): 500

Currently also given the recent collapse in the crypto world BCOIN and SEN have a very low market value below $.

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