Chain of Legends Free NFT Land

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Chain of Legends Free NFT Land

Chain of Legends free nft land is an NFT blockchain game on BNB that allows users to earn the CLEG token(at the moment). In fact, even in free to play mode, each user can get a mine and land with reduced mining speed and capacity for free. The game has just started, currently we are in the mining phase.

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So many features are in development including:

Sell tokens directly in exchanges or expand your empire by creating a stone mine and an iron mine to generate the resources you need for your progress.

Build barracks and train troops. Explore the world, find dungeons, kill monsters and collect treasures. Troops gain experience and levels in each battle and adventure.

Fight with other players to occupy the treasure island and collect treasures. And defend the occupied island from invasion by other players. The fighting is automated. Each user can use a strategy and set troop formation before combat.

There is a marketplace where users can trade resources, troops and lands.

N.B they release free lands every hour at 5-minute intervals.

Example at 3:30 p.m. until 3:35 p.m., 4:30 p.m. until 4:35 p.m. and so on.
They end immediately, I don’t know how much longer this system will be in place.

Chain of Legends Free NFT Land & Resource

Each player is provided with a free level 1 CLEG token mine. In addition, there is a free NFT land called “Desert” in the Market that players can start mining without investing. When a player mines Desert land tokens, they can get another free Desert land from the Market, again and again.

is the game’s main token that can be obtained from exchanges or mined with the CLEG Mine and Lands token. CLEG is the currency of the game and is used for buildings and upgrades, troop training, trading in the Market, etc.

 is needed to build and upgrade the iron mine and barracks. Stone is also needed to build a catapult for troops. You can get stone from the market or mine it with the stone mine.

is needed to build and upgrade barracks. Iron is also needed to train many troops. You can get iron from the market or mine it with the iron mine.

Chain of Legends Free NFT Land NFT Genesis Boxes

chainoflegends_newnftgame2 Chain of Legends Free NFT Land

The NFT Genesis Boxes

contain a lot of land. They can be obtained from INO events or purchased from NFT markets.
Currently, lands from Cycle #1 and Cycle #2 are released in the form of NFT boxes.

Cycle 1: By purchasing these boxes, you can open them at game launch and obtain 30 to 45 lands.
Cycle 2: By purchasing these boxes you can open them at the beginning of Cycle #2 (expected 10 to 30 days after the game launch) and get 30 to 40 lands. Lands in cycle #2 have 5% fewer resources than lands in cycle one

Chain of Legends Free NFT Land Price stability

They use many mechanisms to control price and reduce the pumps, dumps, and continuous price decline that has occurred in some blockchain games.

Burning tokens aggressively

Seventy percent of all tokens that players spend in the game will be burned and the remaining 30 percent will return to the rewards pool. The last token will be drawn in the year 2034 or later. After that, we will use the reserved token pool to continue the game economy.

Drawing limits

Compound interest is the main problem of blockchain games. In the beginning, players who invest little reinvest their income into the game, which is good for the game economy. After a while, they reach a huge income that grows faster than the community. And when they start cashing in, the price of tokens will continuously decrease.

To avoid this problem and control the supply of tokens in the market, we generate a limited number of land to be mined per day. Thus, the tokens to be mined each day are limited, as are most blockchain coins. If all available land is exhausted, players have to bid for the next land, so they have to pay more tokens to own land and start mining. This will increase the demand for the token and decrease its supply.

Mining cycles

At the beginning of the game, 2,000 lands (common, uncommon, rare and legendary) will be available for purchase each day. These lands have a total of 1,300,000 tokens to be mined. After each cycle, the tokens of new lands will be reduced by 5%. Token mining will also be reduced by 5% after each cycle. The duration of the first cycle is at least 10 days until all lands are exhausted, the second cycle is 11 days, and each cycle is one day longer than the previous one. The cycle duration can become longer if all lands are not sold.

If you want to sign up from the ref link you get 1% more on mining.
ref link: Claim free land Chain of Legends

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