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Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free earning game, you only need to have a smartphone (Android or iOS) you can start playing (no upfront cost like Axies and other games).
Metamask wallet is needed to connect for rewards or to buy TOWER tokens to exchange for chests and in-game items (optional).
Crazy Defense Heroes in my opinion is a game I play for fun, no pressure to have capital or spend money to upgrade/equip weapons like some existing games. However, if you want to have good weapons and cards, you can fully purchase them with Tower tokens(currently listed on Sushiswap, Uniswap, Bilaxy, Kucoin, MEXC). On the earning side of the game: the game offers monthly reward pools that players can participate in. The conditions for joining each pool are different, but in general they require about XP experience points (these will be added when you win the battle).

crazy-defense-heroes5-nft-italias Crazy Defense Heroes!

The cards in the game are divided into 4 types

Crazy Defense Heroes It is a strategy game. Checking the enemy formation, number and specifications before deciding to choose a battle deck will help increase your chances of victory.

  • Blue type: battle tower (each card will have the maximum number of towers used for each different battle, the advice is to check the number of towers you can build in 1 game to choose a card with enough Blue items because there is a surplus) cannot build more)
  • Gold Type: Instant Weapons (the number of cards is often high and is used when the number of enemy troops is large and cannot attack)
  • Red Type: Warrior (the character can move continuously in the game depending on the controller)
  • Green/Avatar type: the main character represents you (although I find it quite useless when the damage level is low). You can click on the Avatar item in the right corner (shown below) to choose the weapon you need for your Avatar character. Note: All games have the Avatar character without choosing cards to join the army.
crazy-defense-heroes1-nft-italias-1024x511 Crazy Defense Heroes!

How to earn with the game Crazy Defense Heroes?

Site https://crazydefenseheroes.com
Link game metamask and user ID wallet.
The game will release a prize pool each month with different conditions.

crazy-defense-heroes4-nft-italias Crazy Defense Heroes!

When you do not have enough energy to join the match, use 3 ad display rights/day to get 45 energy. If you have used up these 3 rights, you can use 50 quartz to buy (not recommended because quartz should be kept to open the chest).
When you encounter a difficult match (you cannot win 3 stars), you can use the personal game mode (energy + item).
Actively complete quests to receive chests that open real cards.
Explore before the draft before entering battle to choose the right cards, increasing your chances of victory.

crazy-defense-heroes2-nft-italias Crazy Defense Heroes!

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