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Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale (ROY) is an HRC-20 token running on the Harmony ONE network, a browser-based free-to-play game. The maximum supply of the token is 400M ROYs, with a potential of 230M ROYs allocated to be burned at a later stage. The ROY token can be held in the game’s wallet or externally in MetaMask, with a stake in either case at 67% apy at the moment, previously it was at 73% was lowered in recent days.

crypto_royale_tutorial2 Crypto Royale Free ROY

Crypto Royale Staking ROY

If you leave your ROY in your game wallet, you will automatically earn staking rewards. Staking rewards are deposited daily into your game wallet between midnight and 1:00.
You must have a minimum of 67 ROYs in total before you can start receiving staking rewards. On their discord you can check staking rewards by talking to the bot with a simple command.
You can withdraw ROYs by clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button and entering the amount you want to withdraw and your ONE address.

crypto_royale_tutorial1 Crypto Royale Free ROY

Crypto Royale game

Aim with the mouse to move, click the left mouse button to give a boost, you will lose 25% of your total life.

The rules are simple, there are three colors.
Heavenly beats Purple
Purple beats Yellow
Yellow beats Heavenly

During the match you can collect some “boxes” once you reach 10 you can turn the wheel. Personal advice wait to collect at least 200 before turning to get more ROY with the reward.
If you go outside the square/circle i.e. in the dark part you will lose life and die.

Below is a video with some very quick matches.

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