Era7 Tutorial Game of Truth

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Era7 Tutorial Game of Truth


Tutorial Game of Truth is a metaverse-style GCC(Trading Card Game) developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), created by a team of blockchain core engineers and members of well-known casual game development companies.

It is an engaging, cutting-edge card game that uses an innovative method of play. With the perfect combination of combat and strategy, this game becomes addictive and is divided into separate three-minute games.

Players can combine the cards in their deck in different ways to make sure their deck is as strong as possible. They can play in both PVE and PVP by deploying and placing cards. Cards have different effects, and whether they are common or legendary cards, players will want to collect them all.

Players will be tasked with not only controlling their own deck, but also carefully observing their opponents’ movements and positioning. This incentivizes the player to practice and develop their skills in the game over time, while receiving a fantastic brain workout, similar to that of chess players.

Of course, in addition to the fun of the game, each player’s card has its own value. Players can obtain high-value cards by collecting, fighting, trading, summoning or synthesizing certain cards. This is also one of Gamefi’s major advantages over traditional games. Era7 will continually update the game content, adding new cards, game methods, and battle passes to meet the ongoing needs of players while generating profits.

Era7 Tutorial Events Gift

Early Era7 players will enjoy some gifts from the ecosystem.
We have set up a reward mechanism to invite friends and share the game. So go ahead and sign up from here! Era7

Play to earn: Era7 creates an immersive gaming experience and a complete closed-loop economic system within its metaverse.

Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-style TCG. Different from ordinary games, Era7 combines NFT, DeFi and blockchain, turning it into an international NFT-based gaming experience. In this way, the concept of “NFT + Gamification + DeFi” is realized. The cards in Era7’s metaverse not only manifest as NFT, then collect and revalue on the blockchain, but also present a range of gamification possibilities within the game itself.

Era7 creates an immersive gaming experience with a complete, closed-loop economic ecosystem where players can earn real money and cash out as and when they want.

  • The quality of the game is impeccable and state-of-the-art
  • The design of the competitive system is clear and reasonable.

Era7 Tutorial war!

newnftgame_era7t-1024x576 Era7 Tutorial Game of Truth

Era7 is played on a battlefield consisting of 9*9 squares on both sides. First, both factions will randomly draw cards from their preconstituted 30-card library.

The player can then draw cards to be used in the game. Battle cards will attack and defend as each turn passes, while some cards will have characteristic effects that transcend turns.

The battlefield is divided into three fronts. If there are no cards on the opponent’s first front, damage will be attributed to cards on the player’s second front, and so on.

When the opponent’s HP drops to 0, victory is achieved. Conversely, if your HP drops to 0, you have lost the battle.
The essential elements of combat are: establishing battlefield advantages and powerful card groups; playing with opponents through thoughtful strategy.

Era7 PVE Player
newnftgame_era7t2-1024x576 Era7 Tutorial Game of Truth

We need at least 30 battle cards to fight and face a series of rich challenges. When the player passes a level, they can get a GOT (similar to Axie’s SLP, which can be used to summon battle cards from the master card). Players can also repeat the challenge each day to obtain corresponding rewards in the form of resources.

Era7’s PVE includes at least 50 levels, 8 campaigns, more than 3,000 stages and a variety of challenges, which are constantly being updated!

Era7 Player vs Player PVP
newnftgame_era7t3-1024x576 Era7 Tutorial Game of Truth

In the Era7 metaverse, when a player enters the PVP arena, he is matched with other players. The player will then have a chance to win Era7 tokens and/or GOT after winning the battle. Players with higher rankings can get more rewards from the game. In addition, Era tokens and GOTs can be sold or traded through the marketplace so that players can profit from them.

PVP divides into:

  • Expert Alliance(daily)
  • Ranked competitions(monthly)
  • World Cups (fortnightly)

In PVP, if the player wins, they will receive GOT tokens or Era with PVP ranking. Similarly, higher ranking will allow players to get more GOT and Era tokens through PVP. The reward will be determined on a daily and monthly basis.

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