Free Land NFT Overline Project

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Free Land NFT Overline Project

Free Land NFT Overline! After Myria’s free NFT, Uldor, I found another one.
This time it is a free land from a project called Overline. These lands once revealed (in 15 days) should generate several resources, currently they are giving them away and it will also be possible to sell them.

To redeem a land, just use any email… I recommend using one specifically for such things. After confirming the email, create a password and the land is yours.

Ref link claim NFT Land Free need only Email!! : Overline Free Land

As you already know, I like free NFTs and try to find as many as possible, among the previous examples I also give you planet quest…

Free Land NFT Overline multichain for launching wireless blockchains.

overline_free_land_newnftgame Free Land NFT Overline Project

Overline’s customized hardware allows users to access DeFi, NFT, Bitcoin, Ethereum and any chain connected to Overline’s multichain without the need for internet.

Overline’s proprietary “Wireless Mining” device allows users to access Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular networks without internet or cellular coverage.

Overline is the name of the currency underlying the entire Proof of Distance ecosystem. It is primarily used as collateral to de-risk, prioritize and facilitate value transfers between ordered datasets.

The technology stack is designed so that any event can be expressed in terms of Overline, be it a trade, the execution of a smart contract, or an insurance-related instrument.

OL could be compared to Gas on Ethereum in that it powers the mining economy.

You can find more free NFTs in this section!

Free Mint NFT

Overline, EMB, and L-EMB: The coins of Overline

Emblems (EMBs) are the utility coins of the Overline network. If you mine Overline, the Emblems linked to your mining address significantly increase the size of the mining reward. Miners who own Emblems earn more Overline per block as a bonus and can issue larger blocks with more transactions.

Leased Emblems, marked as “L-EMB,” are a coin uniquely tied to an Emblem using the ERC721 standard. The L-EMB is a 1-to-1 related ownership contract with an Emblem. L-EMBs are created when the original owner of the Emblem decides to convert their Emblem into an L-EMB. L-EMBs can be exchanged for any part until they are executed, which allows the lease owner to obtain the mining rewards of the original Emblem.

The Emblem lease automatically manages the temporary transfer of ownership of the corresponding EMB to the owner of the leased Emblem for the predetermined duration of the lease. During this duration, the lease owners exploit the mining utility and block expansion function of the Emblem.

overline_freeland_project Free Land NFT Overline Project

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