Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn

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Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn

Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn The game is absolutely free, which means you won’t have to invest anything to play. Gods Unchained is a card game completely in English. It has both PVE and PVP modes, each match will take time to complete, we are talking about 10-20 minutes per match. The game features a direct challenge mode, meaning you can fight against any other player without long waits, about 30 seconds.

In this game you can choose a god, there are six of the currently available ones. Each god will have four skills, and in each match you can choose only one. In addition, you are dealt three random cards in your deck. You can choose to replace the card four times, in case even the mana to play this card is too high for the initial phase.

After finishing the tutorial, there are six basic decks for each god available to the player. But either way, you can try out these decks to identify the best cards for your strategy, or create a completely new one tailored to your game strategy. Creating a deck is very simple, you choose the god and then the cards associated with him.

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Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn, regulation

Play daily and earn TLDRs!
Shards are points that represent the player’s performance in Play and Earn daily and are used to calculate the portion of the total daily GODS rewards they can receive.

  • How to earn $GODS shards
  • Play up to 10 ranked games each day.
  • Only wins generate shards.
  • The first 3 wins of a day give double Shards.
  • We calculate your rewards during the day based on this formula:
  • Your $GODS reward for the game and daily earnings = (Your daily shards / Daily community shards) * Total daily rewards $GODS

This is the highest possible level to Play and earn daily, but if you want more details, you can find them below!

Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn, only winning matters

gods_unchained_play_and_earn_newnftgame2-min Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn

Players can earn points called Shards from the first 10 ranked games they play during the day. Only wins generate shards, and the first 3 wins generate twice as many shards, so even if you can only win 3 games a day, you will get most of the potential shards you could earn on a given day.

The amount of shards you can earn by winning a game depends on various factors, such as your rank, how many wins you get, and the shine quality of the cards you use in the game. For an in-depth look at how this works, see our blog post on reward calculation here .

How do shards become $GODS?
The calculation for how we determine the amount of GODS you earn during a day is this:

Your $GODS reward for the game and daily earnings = (Your daily shards/Daily community shards) * Total daily $GODS rewards

Your $GODS reward for play and daily earnings are the $GODS tokens you will receive
Your daily shards are how many shards a player earns during the day
The community’s daily shards are the total shards earned by all participating players during that day
Daily total $GODS Rewards is the total amount of $GODS that can be earned that day.

Parts of this formula change constantly throughout the day (for example, if you play and win more games, this increases the figures for your daily shards and daily community shards). This means that while an estimate of prizes is displayed during the day, the actual amount of potential prizes cannot be known until the day is completed. Each day resets at midnight UTC, after which you can calculate the amount of $GODS a player earned in the previous day.

Gods Unchained Daily Play And Earn, $GODS

All $GODS rewards you have earned through Daily Play & Earn can be redeemed directly in the Daily Play & Earn dashboard of the Gods Unchained launcher.
Rewards can be claimed 7 days after the end of the day to ensure that any bots or malicious parties can be identified and removed before these rewards are delivered.
You will be able to track when your rewards can be claimed and how much $GODS will be distributed on an eligible day from the Daily Play & Earn dashboard when it becomes available.

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