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Gods Unchained Daily Play & Earn

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Gods Unchained Daily Play & Earn

For the function Gods Unchained

Daily Play & Earn, players will earn points called Shards from games won. Each day players will have 10 games from which they can earn Shards, with the first three wins each day granting players a bonus! At the end of the day, players earn $GODS token rewards from the rewards pool (just like in the ranked weekend) based on how many Shards they have earned compared to the rest of the community.

The calculation that determines how many shards a player can earn in each match is divided into two sections: the Gameplay Modifier and the Collection Modifier. These are both weighted the same way, so players who are skilled but have no minted cards may have similar earning potential to players with lower skills but a stronger card collection. Daily Play & Earn will follow a similar system to Weekend ranked, where each day will present a prize pool of $GODS tokens and players will be rewarded with a percentage of this pool depending on their performance.

Gods Unchained Daily Play & Earn Gameplay Modifier

newnftgame_godsunchained_dailyplayearn1 Gods Unchained Daily Play & Earn

The Gameplay Modifier consists of two parts that determine how many rewards a player can earn. The first is the player’s current rank at the start of a game, as well as the player’s ability to win games. Most of this modifier will come from the player’s rank, with a small boost to reward potential if players have a string of positive results.

The Collection Modifier is based on the quality of the cards used in the deck you play each game. Each card can be of 4 types of quality.

  • Meteorite: 1 point
  • Shadow: 5 points
  • Gold: 25 points
  • Diamond: 125

There is also an additional bonus based on the lowest quality card in a deck. This bonus is a constant value that increases with the Quality of the lowest card. Plain cards give no bonus, Meteorite cards have a bonus of 0.15, Shadow cards have a bonus of 0.2, and Gold cards have a bonus of 0.25.

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