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Gods Unchained Mortal Judgment

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Gods Unchained Mortal Judgment

The game is absolutely free-to-play, which means you won’t have to invest anything to play the game. Gods Unchained

Is a card game. Each match will take time to complete, we are talking about 10-20 minutes per match. The game features a direct challenge mode, meaning you can fight against any other player without long waits, about 30 seconds.
The Mortal Judgment expansion adds over 190 cards to Gods Unchained, a unique mythic card, and three new keywords: Empower, Echo and Tempt Fate.

  • Echo: creates a 1 mana, 1/1 copy of itself in your hand when played at the table. This card should be a powerful addition to zoo decks and any other deck that relies on summoning many creatures.
  • Empower: allows the player to spend extra mana to activate a special ability. This is interesting because it allows the card to be played as a normal creature with a lower mana cost.
  • Tempt Fate: provides another random element. It may allow the player to select an effect from a list of random results.
new_nft_game_gods_unchained_mortal1 Gods Unchained Mortal Judgment

Gods Unchained Mortal Judgment Nuove Strategie

Gods Unchained features different game mechanics for earning money. Players earn cards and win packs and $GODS tokens each week through ranks. As usual the new cards aesthetically are really very beautiful as well as strong.
So many new strategies can now be created without always resorting to the now familiar genis card strategies, which of course for obvious reasons will never be nerfed by the development team.
Also, the Divine Order expansion is still ongoing so those who want to can buy both expansions. I remind you that now you can also buy them simply with GODS that you earn every week(for now) then you will probably have a daily gain(not yet implemented).

new_nft_game_gods_unchained_mortal2 Gods Unchained Mortal Judgment

Mortal Judgment Pack Epic

Of course by now I was playing gods unchained in completely free-to-play mode since I started playing it in September of the year 2021.
Between the various GODS events and earning modes, I have accumulated about 200 Gods tokens.
Since there is also currently a 20% discount that goes down as cards are purchased, I decided to try to get some cards.
I decided to get 18 epic packs of Mortal Judgment by spending about 86Gods.
So now I have as many as 90 cards from the new expansion in my collection, which will surely strengthen my deck for the daily earning mode!

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