Gods Unchained Set Winter Wanderlands

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Gods Unchained Set Winter Wanderlands

This set will be available for a limited time only during the vacations and into the new year. Winter Wanderlands is a set of twenty cards that can be found in Winter Wanderlands packs.

These packs can be purchased directly from the store or earned in limited quantities from weekend ranked events while the set is available.

Winter Wanderlands packs will only be available for 4 WEEKS , so be sure to protect your cards while you can! The set will launch Dec. 14 at 4 p.m. PT and will last until Jan. 11 at 4 p.m. PT.

If you don’t know what Gods Unchaiuned is you can check out the following links;

Gods Unchained Set Winter Wanderlands Pack

gods_unchained_set_winder_pak Gods Unchained Set Winter Wanderlands

Winter Wanderlands is the first seasonal set released for Gods Unchained. With this release we wanted to tell a stand-alone story that captured the spirit of the holiday season through the lens of Gods Unchained.

Each card has its part in the tale, and all branch off from Orpheus’ adventures and interactions with champions.

For those who are deeper fans of the lore, we wanted to explore the relationship between Orpheus and Ludia, the goddess of deception, after the events of the first season. What has happened since Orpheus broke free from Ludia’s chains?

Is the goddess angry? Is Orpheus still the champion of deception? All these questions were circulating on Discord and, well, you’ll just have to find out by reading the story of Winter Wanderlands.

It’s a different kind of tale from what we traditionally tell, and it’s told all in rhyme, so don’t miss it.

Winter Wanderlands will have limited availability based both on time and the number of packets that will be available.
When a packet runs out, it will no longer be available for purchase. There is a separate limit for packs that are distributed to the community as rewards through marketing initiatives or through weekend rankings.
Winter Wanderlands packages can only be purchased or earned during the period of availability.

Link; Gods Unchained

Candy Chain Event (Dec. 16 PT to Jan. 6 PT)

gods_unchained_set_winder_event Gods Unchained Set Winter Wanderlands

Throughout the release of Winter Wanderlands we will organize a brand new collaborative event in Gods Unchained for our players to help Orpheus break the Candy Chain and escape Winter Wanderlands. The entire community will have to join together by playing with each of the six domains to achieve the goal and release Orpheus. Below is the progression of requirements to participate:

  • Chain 1: Ludia
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Ludia
  • Chain 2: Auro
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Auros
  • Chain 3: Malisso
  • Play 500,000 ranked/random games with Malissus
  • Chain 4: Elyrian
  • Play 500,000 ranked/random games with Elyrian
  • Chain 5: Lysander
  • Play 500,000 ranked/random games with Lysander
  • Chain 6: Aeona
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Aeona
  • Overall
  • Play a total of 1,000,000 ranked/random games
  • Play a total of 250,000 ranked/random games with Winter Wanderlands cards

If the community successfully completes all objectives, a special secret reward will be given to all participants. Help Orpheus escape and enjoy our first collaborative community event!

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