HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

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HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

stands for Hyper Expansive Lifelike Interoperable eXperience. It is a high-fidelity virtual world platform based on a 1:1 scale recreation of New York City. It is a further addition to the burgeoning metaverse and looks incredible.

Users can roam through the open world Parallel City and engage in various activities to gain status, resources and power. There are various game modes suitable for traditional players who want to complete quests and challenges. But there is also a social aspect to the game, where people can hang out, network and make friends.

HELIX  is developed by Hypersonic Laboratories, a Los Angeles-based startup. The game is based on Unreal Engine 5, the gold standard for game graphics, and the Ethereum blockchain.

HELIX How to Play

helix_1newnftgame HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

The game in HELIX revolves around a single character created by the player at the beginning of the game.
Each character starts with a base amount of virtual money. The player can participate in various activities and earn virtual money, which can be used to further customize and expand their character’s life (e.g., by purchasing items, vehicles, weapons, apartments).
HELIX is a social multiplayer experience. Players can play together in various competitive modes or simply hang out in lounges or bars, meeting new groups of friends.
Parallel City, a huge open-world virtual city inspired by real New York, serves as the main “lobby” or “hub” in which players can roam freely.

In addition to Parallel City, players can visit several worlds created and uploaded by other users.


  • Meet new people in Parallel City or other user-created worlds
  • Walking, driving, flying around the city
  • Buy, sell, trade items
  • Create and sell new items
  • Game modes
  • Purchase and customize virtual properties

HELIX revolves around the concept of NFT-based digital objects that players can buy, sell or trade in an open exchange called HeX (HELIX eXchange). There are several categories/subcategories, organized by wearable items, vehicles, properties, etc.

HELIX How to Play Parallel City

helix_3newnftgame HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

Parallel City is the central open-world “lobby” in which all HELIX players will begin.

The geography, layout, and virtually everything about Parallel City is strongly inspired by modern-day New York City. The city is composed of many different neighborhoods that each have their own atmosphere and qualities, such as different traffic and building densities, vehicle types, NPC demographics, and more.

Parallel City is fully explorable by each player and is limited in size.

Land Ownership.

Players can own land (properties) in Parallel City. The main utility of lands is to serve as a hyper-realistic “home base” within the metaverse, tied to a specific address and location within Parallel City. You can customize your space as you like, import and display existing NFT items, purchase and arrange furniture and collectibles, and invite other players to frequent it. It’s your space – you can really do whatever you want with it!

The use of intelligent procedural generation tools and modular components allows us to create a truly massive and dense virtual city that can function optimally in real time.

HELIX Vehicles
helix_2newnftgame HELIX How to Play New Metaverse Style GTA

Vehicles are the primary means of getting around in Parallel City.
Each vehicle features highly detailed exteriors and interiors and is fully interactive down to the turn signals and window controls.


Just as in the real world, any customization or tuning that a player applies to a vehicle persists through item transactions. For example, if a player applies a red paint job to an originally blue car, that specific car will remain red until another owner applies another paint job.

Each player has access to a garage to store their vehicles. As with apartments, players can decorate the garage with furniture, artwork and more. Custom garages can be purchased on HeX.

Link; Helix 

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