How to create NFT and sell guide

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How to create NFT and sell guide

How to create NFT ?

The great thing about NFTs is that you can mint one regardless of how much money you have. You just need to know the right platforms. Although some NFT markets have expensive fees, there are many that have come up with better and cheaper mint methods for the benefit of “poor people.”

The function is relatively simple of course it is free for everyone. Also, no code coding is required to complete the process.

If you are looking for a platform to mint your NFT for free, this article can help you get off to the best start.

How to create NFT know what you are doing

Some basics;
The process of making your NFT a part of the Ethereum blockchain is called minting.
Once created, your NFT is ready for trading and there are several marketplaces available where you can sell them.

All developers, artists and investors know that minting is not free. In fact, there are heavy fees on fees that must be paid while minting an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.
Fortunately, with the efforts and help of some programmers, users have found a cheaper way. Now artists can skip the fees and coin their NFTs for free.

Over time, several NFT markets have revised their fee structures to make sure they attract a wider audience. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a penny, you are eligible to coin an NFT of your choice.
This helps people become part of something new and exciting that has taken the tech world by storm.

The following platform will enable you to create and sell your NFTs in minutes.

how_to_create_nft_newnftgames_opensea-1024x459 How to create NFT and sell guide

How to create NFT OpenSea the world's best NFT market blokchain

To create an NFT on the OpenSea marketplace, follow the steps below correctly:

First, go to the official website of the platform, if you want you can go there conveniently from here;

OpenSea Homepage

Then tap the “Create” button .
You will see a window asking you to enter through a MetaMask wallet. Users can use other wallets, but MetaMask is the most reliable and efficient of the others.
Follow the steps given to link your wallet.
Then you will need to create a collection to add a token. For this, click ” Create ” in the upper right corner.

Then, a window will appear asking you to accept the Terms of Service. To do this, you will need to sign the confirmation with your Metamask, which is free.
Now add your collection name, logo, and details. Your collection is ready.

OpenSea create NFT still not finished

Next, you will add the elements you wish to tokenize.
For this, you will click on “Add New Item.” Next, you will sign the action in the Metamask pop-up.

Add the media file you wish to link to the token. The media file can be a video, image, song, or 3D model.
Acceptable formats are PNG, SVG, JPG, GIF, MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG, WAV, GLB, and GLTF. The recommended size is no more than 100 MB.
Then add the name of the token.
In addition, you can add different features to the token.
You can also add locked content visible only to the buyer who owns this token.

Then you will determine the number of copies in which the token is issued. The default number of copies is usually 1.
Then click ” Create ” when each step has been completed.

After the token has been created, it will take a couple of days in the authenticity verification process before it is fully verified. After its verification, you are now free to sell it.

To sell your token, click the ” Sell ” button. OpenSea usually conducts sales in an auction format and requires a complete procedure. Set the price at which you want to sell it and post your listing.

How to create NFT and sell guide step final

It is not enough to create an NFT you must also know how to promote it in the right way!
So what can you do? Introduce yourself on the NFT Calendar!

As the name suggests, being an aspiring NFT creator, the NFT Calendar should be your go-to place to create hype around your NFT launches.

By clicking List Your Event, you can begin the free process of promoting your NFT art by setting up a calendar entry for the date you release your NFTs.

Enter the required details along with a preview of your drop using an image that represents your art.

After entering the required information, you can click Submit Event and check your listing in the next section of NFT drops.


Calendario NFT

how_to_create_nft_newnftgames_calendar-1024x490 How to create NFT and sell guide
Other methods to promote your NFT

Social media is undoubtedly the most effective tool in marketing your NFT art. Regardless of your promotional budget, you can achieve success in promoting your NFTs by

  • Twitter,
  • TikTok,
  • Discord,
  • Medium,
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

Proper use of hashtags, accurate captions and, of course, appropriate visual elements will help you attract the right kind of audience that converts into potential collectors of your artwork.

However, if you wish to take the easy way out by spending money on promotions to bring traffic to your artwork, you can do that too.

Of course you can also contact some influencers regarding the promotion of your NFT, but this will cost you quite a bit I think 🙂

However soon on the site I will open a new section where anyone can post their NFT and also get additional online visibility. In free mode if the project works it will be paid later.

You can book yourself by sending an email from the Contact menu.

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