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Illuvium How to Play Best Win GAM3 Awards

Illuvium How to Play is an open-world fantasy role-playing game in which players can fight and capture creatures known as Illuivials.

The developers have been building the game for a long time, and the Web3 community sees the project as a big step toward mass adoption.

Now, with the release of its private Overworld beta, it’s time to take a look at the game to find out how it works.

Illuvium winning the award for best role-playing game at the GAM3 Awards will only add to the clamor to see the full version soon.

Illuvium How to Play

Illuvium2-1024x446 Illuvium How to Play

Built on Immutable X, Illuvium is a 3D open world that players can explore and even actively shape.

The game is mainly based on finding and capturing strange beasts called Illuvials. Players can use the collected Illuvials to fight against other players’ creatures. At the same time, players earn rewards for their success in battle.

The game is built in Unreal Engine 5, the gold standard for game graphics. It is particularly effective at rendering highly detailed environments, characters and other elements in a dynamic ecosystem.

To start playing Overworld public today, go to the Illuvium website and click on Register for Beta or Explore Overworld. You will have the opportunity to register to play, and once there is a free spot, you will have access to the game.

Once Illuvium notifies you that you can play, follow the simple instructions and you will capture and fight Illuvials. The game is open to both Mac and Windows users. You will need an Immutable X-enabled wallet to play Illuvium.

Illuvium How to Play Free

Illuvium starts in the free-to-play mode in Tier 0 world regions, where players can familiarize themselves with the gameplay. However, to start collecting NFT Illuvium from higher tier regions, the player must opt for the paid version.

The game places the player in the aftermath of the crash of a spaceship in an alien world with extreme and erratic weather conditions, diverse scenery and strange creatures.
Once landed, players must explore this world, capture creatures and discover obelisks to speed their journey across the map. Players customize their main character according to their specific tastes.

There are over 100 different types of Illuvial roaming the vast world of Illuvium. The game’s creators have classified them into one of several classes with different affinities and abilities. Players can combine their fighting beasts for better odds during battle, or they can merge three fully leveled Illuvial into one more powerful unit.

Illuvium4 Illuvium How to Play
Illuvium How to Play The battlegrounds

Illuvium battles take place in the Classified Arena and the Leviathan Arena. Players can enter a matchmaking queue in the former after capturing an Illuvial they wish to use. In the latter, players can challenge each other and spectators can bet on the winner.

Combat takes place in an automatic combat mode, which means that players cannot manually control their Illuvials as they fight. They can only select the character, its weapons and armor before the battle begins, and this is the only way they can try to influence the success of the battle.

In addition to the Illuvium game, players will be able to join Illuvium: Zero, where they can build their own industrial complex and have it interact with the basic Illuvium game. To create this complex, players will have to cultivate resources on their own land.

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