Metalcore Free-To-Play

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Metalcore Free-To-Play

MetalCore Free-To-Play is an NFT-based open-world mechanized combat game. Fight alongside your faction in territorial battles on a mineral-rich alien planet. Win vehicles and machines, create equipment, recruit pilots, develop terrain, sell and trade equipment and more as players fight for planetary domination.

The game’s story revolves around a civil war that has broken out across the Solar Empire. Because of this chaos, new technology emerges that allows humans to colonize worlds outside their star system.

Several starships begin their journey to a new star called TRM-175 “Kerberos” and finally arrive on the metal-rich planet after a journey of a thousand years. Now they have to fight to live on this alien planet, with extreme consequences.

By playing MetalCore, you can receive in-game rewards through quests, PvP or PvE matches. If fighting is not your style, become a Baron and recruit your vassals through Barony (a hire and loan system in MetalCore) and let others fight with your vehicles on your behalf. Barons can also acquire land to mine for resources.

Team of experts for Metalcore

First-person mechanized combat game set in a vast open world. Developed by Studio 369 and built with Unreal Engine 4, players can engage in PvP mega-battles, cooperative PvE combat, and faction-based open world confrontations. MetalCore combines traditional gaming engagement with the growing blockchain economy.

Metalcore Free-To-Play start

metalcore_game_newnftgame-min-1024x471 Metalcore Free-To-Play

MetalCore begins with gaining experience as a soldier against PvE enemies in the game’s open-world sandbox. As you play, you can earn in-game rewards. Once you reach level 4, you can participate in faction wars, which are PvP battles, to gain control of pieces on the world map.

You can join one of three factions, Metal Punks, Gearbreakers and The Holy Corporation. Once you join a faction, you get bonuses when your faction wins a battle against another faction. Each faction also grants passive bonuses.

During Faction War fights, players can summon war machines to gain the upper hand. War machines (mechs, tanks, jets, scouts) possess special abilities that support their role on the battlefield. Abilities include jump jets, afterburners, optical stealth and barrage fire, among others, and are shared among war machines of the same class.

By participating in skirmishes and winning battles, players gain a greater variety of vehicles to customize and level up.

By leveling up, players gain greater access to game systems such as the Garage, where they store and maintain their vehicles. The Garage serves as a clearinghouse for using and renting vehicles to other players.

Metalcore Free-To-Play The PVP Faction Warfare

The Faction War is the large-scale conflict between the three main factions of Kerberos vying for control and influence over the planet. This is where you progress the fastest, but the Faction War conflict carries the greatest risks.

Gaining Control: In Faction Warfare, you join a faction and fight for your cause in a series of linked zone PvP battles. The ultimate goal is to control most of the open-world before the mode’s timer runs out.

Each segment of the open-world map is a potential PvP battle zone for a war between factions. Each zone can accommodate up to 100 players.

Battle duration (times)

A typical Battle Zone game lasts up to an hour, but can be much shorter depending on the skill level of the players, etc.

Various types of buildings and tactical points are not only useful for winning a match, but can offer bonuses, such as enhanced radar, healing, or faster recharging. Tactical points include respawn points, repair zones, charging stations and more.


Vehicle damage and repair

If a vehicle is damaged, but not destroyed, it can walk away from the battle and go to a repair zone, or technicians can be called in to repair it. Some vehicles, units or infantry have special abilities to repair vehicles.


Some vehicles have unlimited ammunition, but most need to be reloaded. You can visit reload/recharge stations away from the battle before returning to the engagement.

Website; Metalcore

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