Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

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Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

Metatime Airdrop 

this is a guide aimed at those who have already done the first part(you can still do it) but in order not to repeat myself I will leave you with my first article on Metatime Airdrop.

My ref link for Zealy quest;

I remind you that every task performed on zealy brings points to your ranking on Metatime.


Having made the premises I would say we are ready let’s start

Only the sum of the Testnet activities give a good 410 points

task Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

How Do I Earn Points on MetaAirDrop?

During the MetaAirdrop events, where the competition will increase every moment, many innovations will be made. Two of these innovations are the Leaderboard and the MetaPoint (MTAp) system. Earned MetaPoints will determine your place in the leaderboard and therefore the number of MetaCoins you will earn. To earn MTAp, you can;

  • Verify your email address and phone number
  • Invite your friends
  • Postion on social media
  • By doing the given tasks

You can constantly earn points and improve your ranking. This way, you can earn more MetaCoin from a total prize pool of 90 million units by ranking high in the Monthly Leaderboard, which will be reset on the first day of each month.

point Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

Meta Airdrop Leaderboard

All MetaPoints (MTAp) earned by all users who registered for MetaAirdrop from 03.03.2023 to 01.01.2024 will be collected to create the ‘MetaLeaderboard’. With this ranking, which will be based on the MTAp earned throughout all MetaAirdrop events, a total of 110 million MTC will be distributed to participants in January 2024. While 20 million MetaCoins will be distributed to the top 100 participants in the ranking, the remaining 90 million MetaCoins will be distributed to all other participants based on their MetaPoints.
Don’t miss the opportunity that everyone who participates in the MetaAirdrop and completes the tasks will earn MetaCoin. Sign up and complete the tasks now!

Metatime New Task Zealy
zealy_task-1024x391 Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

There are so many new tasks this mee on Zealy to accumulate points.

They are all very simple to do some require you to register at different sites to leave like comments or else.

In addition there is a task every day on CoinMarketCap in which you have to leave the screen of a comment more three like other three comments and select the option bullish

Metatime Airdrop Testnet task
token_metatime Metatime Airdrop Part 2 Task Step by Step

1.  Visit and connect your crypto wallet. Easy

2. Transfer the Testnet MTCs you received via the Testnet MetaChain network to another cryptocurrency wallet. Easy

3. Create your own token on the MetaChain test network. Hard

4. Send tokens you created to another crypto wallet. Medium

The token must be ownable otherwise the task will give a transaction error

There are many guides on youtube to create a token on a network (for me it’s simple I’m a developer so I hang out with code every day)

These are the two tokens I created.

Why two…because I had not read that the token had to be ownable type

MTC token Testnet, ARD e ARP token create on Eleanor Testnet


So many more tasks are coming up to accumulate points I am really curious to see how many points I will have in January 2024 if I am consistent!

My ref link for Zealy quest;

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