Million on Mars Tutorial Best Game NFT Strategy

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Million on Mars Tutorial Best Game NFT Strategy

In Million on Mars

Tutorial, players start as basic scavengers or join a settlement with an access badge given to them at a very low entry cost around $10 (to discourage bots and players with automated behaviors).

Once they are established within the game, players work to achieve a sustainability goal, whether they are generating power on a solar farm or planting crops inside a greenhouse. They work to build and contribute within a supply chain, such as coffee, metals, textiles, paper or alcohol.

They can acquire land, improve their skills and work toward a degree of specialization. They are able to reinvest and expand their production capabilities. In this dynamic, players stay. They own their digital assets and understand the value they have invested in the game economy.

The connections, the experience, and the fun they are having keep them coming back day after day not because they are there to make money but because they are actually having fun and enjoying playing within the game .

Million on Mars Tutorial Main components of the game

millionmars_newnftgame1 Million on Mars Tutorial Best Game NFT Strategy

Million on Mars

is a live game with a robust set of game systems.Workers – beginning players of Million on Mars who have purchased an Access Pack and are beginning a career of colonizing Mars. Workers can scrounge or execute work orders to earn DUSK.

Landowners-established Million on Mars players who are constructing their own plots of land with buildings to harvest and process Mars’ resources to grow the Martian economy and profit in the process.

Each building has its own recipe program that consumes resources and produces more to further the Martian economy. Most of the recipes require Stamina to produce their results.


Million on Mars Tutorial Stamina and Market

Stamina is the mechanics of quantified energy. Players eat food, rations, drink coffee and other consumables to replenish their Stamina. Land owners create food through a crafting chain that consumes solar energy, water, seeds, regolith, waste, soil, and finally creates food. All four main buildings are involved in the food creation cycle.

Market and Shop – where players can purchase raw materials, intermediate resources and end products to trade with other players or purchase items directly from Million on Mars via Glitter, Dusk or event tokens. There is a 5% fee.

Deeds and plots of land to claim plots of land and NFT mint 40 acres of land on Mars – each is absolutely unique and authentic to the exact latitude and longitude of that point on Mars.

Buildings and building designs – Million on Mars started with four main buildings: Solar Panel, Water Filter and in 90 days shipped 20 more main buildings for a total of 24 buildings ranging from the Smelters and Sabatier Reactor series to the playful Cantina and Tea Shop.

millionmars_newnftgame2-1024x521 Million on Mars Tutorial Best Game NFT Strategy
Million on Mars Dusk Value and Utility

Expands with players’ population and economic activity.

  • Actively managed to be the “stable currency” of the Land Rush game.
  • Land owners are the source of primary Dusk, but they must also actively consume it to maintain their economic position.
  • Workers earn Dusk through game cycles, such as performing jobs and selling salvaged materials.
  • Skill investments allow players to expand their economic opportunities by advancing skills in various specializations. These advanced skills allow players to earn much more individually for their skills and talents. Players who invest in themselves increase their earning potential in the game.
  • The intentional orientation of workers to become landowners and get involved in an ever-increasing scale of investment, commitment and earning potential.
  • Play To Earn distributions to active participants in the economy ensure long-term player satisfaction and increased budgets for marketing and growth.
Million on Mars Tutorial Martizens
millionmars_newnftgame3-1024x309 Million on Mars Tutorial Best Game NFT Strategy

The world’s first PFP with real game utility.
Martizens is a new collection of 10,000 unique PFPs that link directly to the Million on Mars game.

Inspired by characters from the Million on Mars universe, each Martizen is packed with rare traits and in-game utility.

Each Martizen Is Unique!

Play Million on Mars and use the unique traits, each with its own rarity system, to gain in-game advantages!

System: Bankroll!

Who doesn’t love good financial funding? Depending on the rarity of your Martizen’s Bankroll, you will have access to a soaked amount of funding in the form of Glitter and Dusk tokens! These tokens can be redeemed in-game, starting June 21 for Dusk. Use them for in-game purposes or withdraw them according to normal withdrawal rules.

Trades: Coming Soon!

Just like players, Martizens have Trades! This Trades Traits does not mean that a Martizen is limited to one style of play. You can develop any Profession over time. Everyone comes with a profession to start with and may already have experience in it!

Manage Your Martizens

Ways To Automate And Specialize – Coming Soon!
Strategically assign your Martizens jobs, work orders and even to automatically complete certain tasks. Mind you, Martizens are people too! This means they must eat, drink and refresh themselves.
They will gain Experience in the related Profession of the job they do and use their Endurance, all while earning you DUSK!

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