Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial

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Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial

Mines of Dalarnia is an intergalactic mining adventure game in which players dig for rare resources(minerals and gems) in order to create new items and equipment to advance in a territory.

The goal of a miner in Darlania is to become more powerful and efficient, gather riches, face challenges and monsters in the depths, and look fantastic while doing so. In the future, players will be part of multiplayer shared spaces and engage in exciting multiplayer competitions.

Most of the land plots in the game (LAND), which are used for mining, are owned by players.

Each piece of land is unique, with a different distribution of resources, and more attributes of each piece of LAND will be revealed over time as the game expands. LAND owners must take active care of their mining plots.

Mines of Dalarnia offers two Roles to participate in the Game: Miners and Land Owners.
However, players do not have to stick to one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time.

new_nft_game_minesofdalarnia3 Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial

Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial Role of the Miner

Miners focus on creating and improving their equipment by playing the mining game to collect resources. Mining options are limited by the average power level of the miner’s equipment, which
of the miner’s equipment, which indicates his overall progress.

When a player starts an excavation on a plot of land, the game creates a unique
unique procedurally generated mine based on the attributes of that land. Players dig, jump and fight
through the mine, trying to fill their bag with valuable resources before they die or choose to go out and bring their loot to the surface, where it will be refined into usable resources.

These resources can be sold to other players directly, or used to create equipment, cosmetics or consumables to be used or sold in the marketplace. Among these manufacturable items, the Terraforming Capsule is critical, as it must be purchased by LAND owners to replenish their mines.

MoD is free to play on the introductory planet. Players need a mining passport to access play on the larger, player-owned planet. Passports are purchased directly from MoD.

Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial Mining

The core game of Mines of Dalarnia is all about mining sessions: action-based mining gameplay in a procedurally generated mine.

To start a “dig,” players must move their miner to a specific LAND they want to interact with Traveling between planets and moving on their surface via the “Navigator” is one that takes real time to complete.
Once players are on the land they wish to mine, they must also select a depth.

Higher depths give more and better resources as rewards, but they generate more dangerous monsters and environments, and require higher power levels to access.
Finally, a small rental fee is paid to the landowner for access.

During a mining run, players fight monsters and dig up resources of different qualities to earn points. When they exit the dig, reaching an exit point or dying, their final score decides what level of reward they will receive.

Rewards are randomly selected based on the player’s reward level, resource attributes of the LAND plot, and the depth of the dig.

new_nft_game_minesofdalarnia1 Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial
Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial Craft

Crafting equipment is at the heart of Mines of Dalarnias’ progression system. Creating and upgrading equipment improves the player’s overall power level, which grants them access to mines and depths of greater difficulty
Manufacturable equipment is grouped into the following categories:

  • Mining Tools that are used to dig through blocks.
  • Weapons that are used to kill monsters.
  • Armor that provide defense against enemies and the elements.
  • Exos that add specific benefits and increase specific attributes.
  • Helmets that are entirely cosmetic.
  • Holos that change appearance without changing stats.

At launch only Picks and Helmets will be active in the game. Armor and weapons are priorities for shortly after launch.

Site: MinesOfDalarnia 

new_nft_game_minesofdalarnia2 Mines of Dalarnia Tutorial
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