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Mir4 Draco level up quickly

If you want to play Mir4 Draco to earn money, you need to level up your character. You will be able to unlock the game’s play-to-ear benefits once you reach level 40. So don’t expect to earn money the moment you start playing the game.

Unlike other NFT or cryptocurrency-supported games, Mir4 does not require you to pay upfront. But you will have to invest your time until your character reaches level 40.

Fortunately, almost everything in Mir4 can be run automatically. So you don’t have to focus on the game at all times. From completing quests to mining Darksteel, Mir4 does everything for you after you give a certain command.

Mir4 Draco & better ways to get Darksteel

Now that your character is at level 40, he can evolve into a money printing machine by constantly mining Darksteel. With a fair amount of Power Score, you are ready to enter the most important areas that are filled with this metal. Although mining in Mir4 requires your constant attention as other players or powerful mobs may attack your character.

After unlocking the Portal, you can teleport to Magic Square areas with certain tickets. Magic Square consists of various rooms that produce XP, items and Darksteel. Although they can be tricky and you only have a limited time to make the best of them.

Secret Peak is one of the best areas to collect Darksteel. It is also full of powerful mobs that can kill your character very quickly. Make sure your power score and equipment levels are strong enough to deal with these mobs. Then you need to find some Darksteel nodes to start mining.

Completing daily quests is one of the best ways to get the Darksteel flow going. There are new missions every day that produce thousands of this metal. Simply accept the mission and click the auto-complete button. Your character will move to the mission area and start grinding.

Mir4 Draco & Idra

newnftgame_mir4_1 Mir4 Draco & Idra

Hydra is the new step in the economy of MIR4. As one of the earliest and most successful around, Mir4 encountered many difficulties and challenges such as bots and interference from third-party software. By implementing HYDRA, the game developers aimed to preserve the economic integrity of the game.

HYDRA : is a refined version of DRACO and can be produced by combining DRACO and Septaria as the main materials. To refine HYDRA , you must first link your Wemix Wallet to your game account and go through the system to access your DRACO balance and proceed with HYDRA refinement.

The character will have to reach level 60, a new achievement ” Hydra Sanctuary ” will be available. Hydra Sanctuary produces Septaria rewards that can be collected once a day, this number of redeemable Septaria increases with the level of the achievement stage.

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