Mist How to Play first MMORPG NFT

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Mist How to Play first MMORPG NFT

Mist How to Play. Mist is an open-world action role-playing game with a dynamic combat style unique in the MMO world. Collect NFTs, fight epic monsters and explore endless immersive environments in this blockchain-based NFT action role-playing game.

  • Open-world MMORPG: The adventure is yours
  • 2 factions, 8 character races and 9 character classes
  • NFT ownership of land and items
  • Revolutionizing the Play-To-Earn (Play to earn)

Mist How to Play Step by Step

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The full Mist game has not yet been launched but is open for pre-alpha testing. You can download it for Windows and start exploring the huge open world.

Go to the Mist Web site.

Scroll down to “DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW” and click on the Windows button.

Accept the terms

These terms cover the user’s acknowledgement that Mist is in its testing phase.

Download Mist

Once you download the launcher, open the application, agree to some additional terms. Select the server closest to your location.

Sign in with your wallet

Create your character and click Enter. Now go and explore.

To participate in the play test, you will need a Web wallet to play and one of the following two things:

Tier 3 or higher Mist NFT
Over 100,000 MIST tokens

Mist How to Play

As with other Web3 MMORPGs where players can move freely and do not necessarily have to follow the preset narrative, there are many ways to succeed within Mist.
Some of them include completing quests. But there are other paths to take

Can create a strong faction and capture power at a location on the map.
Trade in-game resources for profit, which is how some players will play the game.
Earn game rewards, create usable items and then sell them on the open market.
Network, make friends and enjoy researching together.
Web3 infrastructure creates opportunities for users to build their own storylines and spaces with Mist.

In terms of actually being involved in narrative quests, you should know how to earn rewards in Mist. You should also be aware of the characters and classes in the game.

newnftgame_mist_class Mist How to Play first MMORPG NFT
Mist Token how to earn

There are a few ways to earn MIST tokens within the game:

A previously traded item for profit in the in-game marketplace.

Create sandbox dungeons in which other players can fight monsters and earn rewards. The owner of the land on which the dungeon is built also receives his or her share of MIST tokens.

Staking MIST within the game’s smart contracts returns yield. This is an easy way to earn passive income.
Complete narrative quests to earn items and MIST. This is the most fun way to earn rewards. Killing monsters and achieving victory is a reward in itself.

Also within the Mist ecosystem, there are guilds and factions where separate players can join forces and resources.

The guilds and factions within the game can trade and fight together for rewards and resources. Mist is creating predefined, narrative-aligned guilds that players can join and begin to collaborate.

Website link; Mist

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