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Introduction Mobox MOMOverse

MOBOX MOMOverse is a community-driven platform that enhances user engagement and entertainment through governance token rewards (MBOX). using a revolutionary token economy system that seamlessly combines the best of DeFi and NFT, MOBOX uses financial mechanisms and gaming systems to empower users, creating a truly unique and enduring ecosystem.

MOMO is an NFT resource on the MOBOX platform. Each NFT MOMO has a randomly generated arithmetic value, which can be upgraded by consuming other NFT MOMO upgrades. the total arithmetic power of MOMO is the sum of the arithmetic power of all user-owned MOMOs. the allocation of MBOX tokens depends on the weighted average of the user’s total MOMO arithmetic power over the entire platform.

Mobox MOMOverse Camp

new_nft_game_mobox2 Mobox MOMOverse

MOMO mining camps
The MOMOverse will introduce 5 NEW mining sites in addition to the MBOX mining camp. Each site contains different resources for use throughout the MOMOverse .
Your favorite MBOX mining camp has remained unchanged. The other 5 mining camps include Bird Camp, Beast Camp, Fish Camp, Monster Camp and Epic Camp .
Only the corresponding type of MOMO can be placed in each camp to mine resources.

  • Bird Camp → Feathers
  • Beast Camp → Leather
  • Fish Camp → Pearls
  • Monster Camp → Hours
  • Epic Camp → Gold

Extraction rates for each resource depend on the quality of the MOMOs used

  • Common, Uncommon, Unique: Extraction rates depend on the hashpower of the MOMO.
  • Rare, Epic: Extraction rates depend on the MOMO’s initial hashpower and current hashpower.
  • Legendary: Can extract all new field resources once moved into the MOMOverse.

Mobox MOMOverse Home

new_nft_game_mobox1 Mobox MOMOverse

Each Avatar can create and start their own MOMO Home.
Players can construct the following buildings for their MOMO Home , each with its own unique function.


  • Town Hall : Used to coin and collect MBOX . The amount of MBOX that can be minted depends on the level of prosperity of the MOMO home . For the first minting of MBOX and after each MBOX collection , the Town Hall enters a 10-hour protection period and a 12-hour cooldown period . During the refill period players cannot collect MBOX and during the protection period other players cannot attempt to steal your MBOX .
  • Lighthouse : increase the number of attack attempts for your airship and reduce the number of MBOX that can be stolen when attacked.
  • Craft House : building used to synthesize resources and create new materials.
  • Airship : Used to attack other town halls to steal MBOX tokens from other players. The level increase system will not be available at the beginning.

Shipyard : Generates an airship item chest every 8 hours .

new_nft_game_mobox3 Mobox MOMOverse

The long-awaited MOMOverse Beta Test will begin on April 15 at 8:00 UTC and end on April 28 at 8:00 UTC . All users can access the MOMOverse through the main page at and via the mobile app.

During the BETA TEST, the collected items are adjusted to have one common quality.
A new combination item “Fireworks” has been added and 50 Collected Points will be awarded for combining 1 firework.

There are two leaderboards in the collection events. The daily leaderboard has the top 100 players and the total leaderboard has the top 200. The leaderboard is based on players’ collection points.

  • Collection points = Points earned by collecting items + Points earned by combining collected items.
  • You can earn collection points up to 200 times per day from the collection event.
  • A new combination item “Fireworks” has been added and 50 “Collection Points” will be awarded for combining 1 firework.
  • Daily leaderboard prizes will be determined and distributed each day during the BETA TEST, and total leaderboard prizes will be distributed at the end of the BETA TEST.
  • Residents who own a MOBOX avatar will receive more points when collecting items.
  • There are surprise Easter eggs after using “Firework.”

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