Mouse Haunt NFT also for smartphones

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Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is an isometric 3D team multiplayer game. There are two teams, the Mouse Heroes team trying to reach the Fragrant Cheese of Yore and the Ghost Team, whose goal is to kill all the Mouse Heroes.

While the Mouse Heroes team shoots, darts and uses special abilities as they make their way through the Haunted Castle, the Ghost Team possesses items, activates traps and uses their ethereal abilities to kill the pesky rodents.

The twist comes when a rat dies. This is not the end of them! They return as ghosts, changing moving teams and swinging the odds of the battle. Now they have a new goal and earn their score (and $MHT tokens) by going against their former teammates!

mouse_hunt_new_nft_game3 Mouse Haunt NFT also for smartphones

Mouse Haunt mode Lock and Load

Lock and Load is the first entry into the Mouse Haunt game universe. Before your Mouse Heroes are ready to storm the castle during Castle Heist, they will gather some of the supplies and prepare for the upcoming heist. In the Lock and Load game mode, your team of Mouse Heroes will explore a level of the castle, destroy chests and collect the MHT stored inside. Heroes also get tired, so be sure to keep your team’s stamina level well-rested so they can collect as many tokens as possible.

To play Lock and Load, each player builds his or her teams using purchased NFTs. Each team has a maximum number of 3 heroes, but you can also play by owning at least 1 Mouse Hero. These will automatically roam the castle and destroy chests they encounter through the level. Mouse Heroes will continue to search and destroy chests until their stamina runs out. A tired mouse is a lazy mouse, so be sure to send him back to the bonfire whenever his stamina runs out so that he can comfortably recharge his energy more efficiently. If you forget about a tired mouse sleeping on the castle floor, he will also get some rest, but not as efficiently as those at the bonfire.

The stamina of the Hero Mice depends on their rarity, where higher rarities have a longer stamina bar that makes them really good for getting goods from the haunted castle. Optimize your team with higher rarity NFTs to increase your MHT farming.

mouse_hunt_new_nft_game1 Mouse Haunt NFT also for smartphones

Mouse Hero Gameplay

Playing as a Mouse Hero, the player’s goal is to reach the end of the castle where a stinky cheese and a chest full of $MHT awaits them.

All Mouse Heroes can shoot, dart and reload.
Their rarity is very important, as it determines what abilities they have. Skills can be common, rare, epic or legendary.

Fur genetics – determined by the appearance of the fur.
Determines the balance of basic statistics such as basic health, basic movement speed, basic damage and also their personality trait.

Passive skills – determined by the hat
Each Hero Rat has a passive ability that is activated by another action or event. Examples of passive skills are increasing movement speed after taking a hit, getting extra damage after reloading, or deflecting damage when using the dash skill.

Active skills-determined by weapon
Each Hero of the Rat has an active skill that is used by pressing a button. This ability has a cooldown and can greatly affect the odds of the battle.

Ghost Gameplay

The goal of the Ghost Players is to prevent any Mouse Hero from advancing further into the Castle.
They are able to move freely through walls, objects and traps. Ghosts are invisible to Mouse Heroes and can choose to possess any object within the castle.

Objects can be of two types, throwable objects and special traps. After possessing a throwable object, the ghost can move it and charge a powerful throw. The longer an object is charged by the ghost, the farther it is thrown and the more damage it causes.

Ghost players can activate chimneys or furnaces to breathe fire, can possess wrecking balls to sow chaos on the battlefield, activate armor to swing their axes, etc.

mouse_hunt_new_nft_game2 Mouse Haunt NFT also for smartphones

Play to Earn

Mouse Haunt will have more game modes and also completely new games. The
There will be four leagues Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Players’ earnings are related to the league they play in.
There will be a feature where the most skilled and best ranked players within each league will get special rewards every two weeks!

At the beginning of the project, $MHT will be the main reward token and thus will be a fantastic attractor for our growing player base. That said, it is important to note that the $MHT rewards to play will decrease as time goes on.

It will take the form of a more valuable and scarce commodity, as most of the rewards will go to the best players or players who have the rarest NFTs and play in higher leagues.

Random players and those who cannot participate in the higher leagues will not be left behind, as they still have a chance to earn $MHT if they rank very high in their leagues and they too will earn another token, $MCHEESE.

Mouse Cheese ($MCHEESE) is an infinite supply token, created to be a payment token, medium of exchange, reward to play to earn, and a burnable token to perform NFT upgrades or farming.


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