Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

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Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

Nautilus Chain is the leading EVM scaling solution. It is the fastest EVM environment in Web3 and will combine the speed of Solana with the reliability and decentralization of Ethereum.

Nautilus builds off of the L3 vision laid out by Vitalik Buterin. An L2 can help scale L1 chains like Ethereum by batching transactions, thus separating the consensus and execution layers. Nautilus, as an L3 chain, takes that principle to the next level, adding a third layer for even more optimization. With Nautilus, developers will be able to build high-throughput dApps even when using EVM.

Because Zebec Protocol is incubating it, Nautilus Chain uses Zebec’s $ZBC token as its own native token. $ZBC features a deflationary token model with a total supply capped at 10 billion. To increase deflationary pressure, Nautilus will also burn a portion of all the gas fees it generates.

Refer friends to earn more rewards as we build Web3 together!

As Nautilus gears up for its mainnet launch, you can help test it on the Triton testnet!

The fact is: it takes more than developers to build Web3. It takes community members too. When you help test Nautilus Chain on the Triton testnet you’re helping Web3 reach the next level.

To thank you for your help, we’ll be rewarding testnet participants! You can increase your chances of receiving future airdrops by having friends sign up test Nautilus with your referral link. It’s simple to do — and going an adventure is always more fun with friends anyway!

Here’s what you need to do to generate a referral link for your friends:

1: Connect your wallet to

2: Obtain test tokens

3: Link your Twitter account

4: Register

5: Get your referral link, share it on Twitter, and share it with others

Ref link Nautilus Chain;

When friends successfully sign up to test Triton with your referral link, you will increase your chances for future rewards! To successfully sign up to test Triton, they’ll need to connect their wallet and Twitter account on

A Quick Walkthrough

Here’s a quick walk-through, complete with screenshots, to show you how to register to test Nautilus Chain and get a referral link:

Click Connect Wallet to link your wallet. Please make sure to switch to the Nautilus Triton Testnet.

nautilus_1 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

Click Collect tZBC to go to the Testnet Faucet page and claim test tokens.

If you have already claimed test tokens, your tZBC balance will be displayed here.

nautilus_2 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

Click Verify with Twitter to go to the Twitter page and follow the instructions to link your Twitter account.

nautilus_3 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop
nautilus_4 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

Click Register to consume tZBC as a gas fee and complete the registration.

nautilus_5 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

Now that you’ve completed the registration, you can see your account information and the information of those you’ve invited on the page. Click [Invite to earn more] to get your referral link, which you can share on Twitter or with others. For each successfully verified friend you invite, you’ll receive initial points (scoring rules to be announced later), and you’ll earn additional points every time they interact with NautiChain.

Ref link Nautilus Chain;

nautilus_6 Nautilus Chain Testnet Referral Chance Airdrop

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