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NFT Free: discover many methods to get them

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NFT Free Mint: How to Get NFT Free

NFT Free, do you think it is possible to obtain several NFTs completely free of charge? The answer yes it is possible, but by following certain conditions or regulations that may vary from project to project.

There are several ways to take these NFTs often these projects before the launch of their Token or their new Blockchain Game allow you to be the lucky winner of these NFTs.

Let’s look together at some examples of how to do this, but first let me remind you that there is a section on this site dedicated to free NFTs that you will find here! And you better do it soon because some are expiring!!!

NFT Free: CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the most popular application for analyzing the movement of Crypto. But the option that interests us in this case is the one related to NFTs.

Recently the possibility of withdrawing diamonds every day has been included, with daily access with several steps of consecutive days.

With these diamonds you have the option to buy their NFTs that they offer for sale, of course it is a limited sale and often requires large quantities of diamonds.

You can register for free from here

–> CoinMarketCap

And start collecting diamonds!

If you are consistent, in one month you can accumulate about 500!

And also there are some Daily tasks that give 20 more diamonds.

coinmakert_free_diamond_newnftgame NFT Free: discover many methods to get them

NFT Free: Giveaway & Airdrop

If you are new to NFTs, an NFT airdrop is a gift or reward that holders receive as a token of appreciation for being in a project or community.

In other words, airdrops are a way for projects to say “Thank you” to their community. Airdrops are also not limited to NFTs; projects can send holders free cryptocurrency, access to something exclusive, or even other forms of tokens.

Why would a team give away free tokens and NFTs to its community?

First, the team behind an NFT project has a big event or important announcement to make. Airdrops, in this case, can be both a small gift to the community and a promotional tool for the announcement.

In addition to generating hype, some airdrops are rare and even super valuable (don’t worry, more on that later). This added value benefits not only the owner receiving the airdrop, but the community as a whole.

For those starting to conjure up ideas for airdrops that will take your projects to the moon, you will first need to know the difference between the types of airdrops.

Airdrop NFT most commonly used

Airdrops can fall into three categories: standard airdrop, exclusive airdrop and airdrop holder.
Here is how each works:

  • Standard airdrop: these types of airdrops are triggered when someone completes a task. It can be as simple as joining a Discord community or even retweeting a particular post. Standard airdrops are a convenient way to reward people for promotional interactions.
  • Exclusive airdrop: as the name suggests, this type of airdrop is for VIPs between Web3 and NFT communities. To receive a drop at this level, you will need to be a long-standing member of the NFT community or somehow demonstrate that you have earned this exclusive status.
  • A: This is standard practice for many NFT collections. They often appear in the wallets of new owners after purchasing an NFT. Think of these as bonus rewards for those who enter a project.

Choosing the best airdrop for a project is up to the team to choose what they think is best for the community. But in most cases, airdrops continue to be a standard marketing technique for NFT collections that seek to connect with their community.

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