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Pepper Attack Free NFT Now

Pepper Attack Free NFT, a very trivial old school game, which however offers the possibility to start in free to play minting as many as 3 free NFTs!!!(obviously very scarce(2stars)).

After making the free mint just create an account and you can start playing right away!

Adventure (PvE & PVP) & Season!

Chilli and Purira notice that the Chupa are becoming more aggressive lately. Determined to find the source of the conflict, the two friends reluctantly begin a long journey.

Players earn daily rations, allowing them to explore the map in Adventure mode and discover valuable items.

The Lion Tavern is the second home of many Peppers. Hundreds of adventurers gather there every night to drink alcohol and fight. Make friends, make enemies and, most importantly, make a name for yourself.
Players are ranked in various rankings based on their performance during a season. The best players will receive lucrative rewards at the end of the season.

Icing on the cake, the top ranked player in the PVP section at the moment is an Italian!
On the right you can see the rewards for each season that lasts 10 days.

pepper_attack_newnftgame_season-1024x567 Pepper Attack Free NFT

Skills and statistics

All the peppers that are mintanti have the following random statistics:
Please note that rarity does not mean better stats!!!

ATK: Determines the damage output.

DEF: Determines the amount of armor.

VIT: Determines the hit points.

ENR: Determines energy gained in battle.

EVA: Determines the accuracy and evasion rate of attacks.

CRIT: Determines the rate of critical and blocking attacks.

SPD: determines the order of combat.

Pepper Attack free NFT Myte Token
pepper_attack_newnftgame_season_myte-1024x573 Pepper Attack Free NFT

MYTE is the game’s currency, which players can deposit and withdraw. Some tournaments pay MYTE and players can spend MYTE to purchase items and gain competitive advantages.

  • Direct sales: 15% of MYTE will be sold directly to players and investors.
  • Community Members: 30% MYTE is available to Pepper owners, who can mine it for several years.
  • Game operations: 30% of MYTE is for game operations, such as providing rewards for tournaments, events and quests. 40% of this amount is unlocked at launch, while 20% is unlocked every 6 months.
  • Marketing and community projects: 15% is used to fund community events, member rewards, marketing initiatives, and Pepperfam social initiatives such as charity, philanthropy, and environmental conservation.
  • Team and Partners: 10% is used to reward long-term partners who dedicate their time and talents to Pepper Attack. This treasure has a 2-year vesting period (50% after the first year and 50% after the second year).

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