Pixels NFT Game Free-To-Play

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Pixels NFT Game Free-To-Play

Pixels NFT Game is a fun agricultural MMO built around the principles of decentralization, ownership and community. The virtual world consists of 5,000 plots of land that owners must care for,
customize and maintain. To advance in Pixel, players must gather resources and build their empire.

Pixel is built on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in late 2021. Initially, users could coin new land for 0.06 ETH. Since then, the value of land has increased and the minimum price is currently about 0.36 ETH.

Virtual land plots are fundamental to the gameplay of Pixel. They come in the form of NFT, which means that users have complete ownership and control over it. It cannot be taken by you and you can sell it for real money on secondary markets.

Pixels NFT Game Free-To-Play start

First, you will need a Metamask Web3 wallet. Once downloaded, use it to access Pixels and to save your progress.

You do not need an in-game NFT to start playing.

Purchasing Pixel land from secondary markets will open the full functionality of the game. But you can continue playing even if you don’t have any. Just click “Continue as guest” when you log in and follow the instructions.

Travel through the world of Pixels using WASD . Arrow keys and click motions will be available in the future.
Go to Mayor Dave in Terra Villa. Talk to him if you want to start your adventure.

pixels_nft_game3 Pixels NFT Game Free-To-Play

Pixels NFT Game Land & Resource

Resources come from the ground, and resource generation is the main faucet in Pixels. In Web3, faucets are methods of releasing cryptographic resources and tokens to users. Resources consist of wood, crops, animals and other items you can find on a farm.

Progression in Pixel is based on collecting resources that are increasingly rare and difficult to acquire. It takes time and experience for players to obtain the best resources. To encourage economy, the central team in Pixel will adjust how many resources can be generated in a given time.

There are three types of land in Pixel:

Free lands : also known as Speck, are the most basic land units. They allow players to start playing but do not offer huge gains. They are a good entry point.

Leased lands : offer players freedom and better returns. But you have to share the profits with your landlord. These are a good way to accumulate experience and capital before potentially buying your own land.
Property plots : Available in small and large property plots, users have full control over the Pixels part of the world. Manage resources, collect rewards and earn tokens.

pixels_nft_game2 Pixels NFT Game Free-To-Play
Pixels NFT Game Token

Pixel’s economy is based on a two-token system:

BERRY: the main currency of the game and is vital to the basic “game cycle.” Players can spend BERRY in the in-game store and get paid in the token when they sell resources. BERRY is burned when players purchase items to advance in the story.

PIXEL : Pixel’s premium in-game currency. Players use it to purchase items, upgrades, and aesthetic improvements that exist outside of the main gameplay. Unlike BERRY, the supply of PIXELs is heavily controlled. 100,000 new PIXELs will be minted daily and distributed to active players.

Web Site; Pixels Online

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