PlanetQuest more points for NFT rewards

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is a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain game with a cinematic game multiverse that allows players to truly own, not just their equipment, but entire planets, and join in an epic, decentralized storyline where their choices and adventures on unknown worlds will shape the fate of humanity.

All Legendary, Epic and Rare insignia are already distributed, but there are still Commons being minted for newcomers.

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PlanetQuest so many more points at last!

It used to be that making points was quite complicated, now as the game is coming out they are introducing several new things to make more points and thus get more NFT rewards, and they are also changing the passport ranks. The most important novelty, besides voting on the story every Thursday to get 10 points each week, is about adding points via follow of various twitter, blog, medium, etc.

Addiritura in their discord have opened a special section, probably they intend to give the possibility to earn many more points, also because otherwise it is really infeasible arrive at 5000 points to get a planet!

This instead is my current situation, I can call myself a pioneer of this game that really intrigues me a lot also for this system of earning points and getting free NFT!
Also because I don’t think that when the game comes out these NFTs will continue to be free…so I better take advantage of it!

Also I’ve noticed lately that I’m up to rank 4, really not bad at all!

1. Cadet
2. Privateer
3. Pathfinder
4. Lieutenant
5. Helion Commander
6. Captain
7. Commodore
8. Pioneer
9. Solarian General
10. Galaxian Marshall

PlanetQuest1 PlanetQuest more points for NFT rewards

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