PlanetQuest Tutorial Free NFT Reward

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PlanetQuest Tutorial

PlanetQuest is a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain game with a cinematic game multiverse that allows players to truly own, not just their equipment, but entire planets, and join in an epic, decentralized storyline where their choices and adventures on unknown worlds will shape the fate of humanity.

All Legendary, Epic and Rare insignia are already distributed, but there are still Commons being minted for newcomers.

However, it will be possible to earn extra points in the following ways, which have not yet been implemented:

  • Use ref link For PlanetQuest membership.
  • Introduce yourself on Discord to earn some extra points.
  • Contribute to Discord conversations to earn points.
  • Earn points every time you vote on the storyline on Discord.
new-nft-game-planetquest PlanetQuest Tutorial Free NFT Reward

PlanetQuest NFT

The passport is as far as it goes for now.
PlanetQuest will allow players to own entire planets as NFTs, which they can visit the moment the game is active. In addition to this, guild ownership will also be represented through NFTs, as well as all major game equipment and extremely rare artifacts that explorers may find along their way.

PlanetQuest is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game, which means that anyone can join and play PlanetQuest, even if you do not currently own any NFTs or other digital assets. However, to join PQ, you must find a home planet. Each planet can only be home base for a certain number of players, so to join you must either be invited by someone who owns a planet and wants you to be part of it, or join a planet that is open to everyone.

new-nft-game-planetquest1 PlanetQuest Tutorial Free NFT Reward

PlanetQuest Tutorial token Quantum

PlanetQuest will have an ERC-20 token that represents an extremely rare substance called Quantum. This substance drives the entire game economy and can be used for anything from buying in-game equipment to activating artifacts that can transform entire planets! Quantum will be at the center of the economic structure.

PlanetQuest is a multiplayer exploration and survival game that encourages you to join your friends, explore strange and exotic worlds, and fight against menacing alien creatures in search of Quantum and rare artifacts.

PlanetQuest Tutorial

PlanetQuest is definitely a very intriguing game the way it was presented also only recently after reaching 150k users the development team started to reveal its identity as you can read in this recent article

Nice also the idea of giving NFT rewards by reaching tot points from discord quests and referral links like this one here
you get 10 points for each person you invite.

new-nft-game-planetquest5 PlanetQuest Tutorial Free NFT Reward

With these points then you get several NFT resources that you will definitely need when the game is launched this quarter according to the statement.

With 5000 points(almost impossible…) they even give away a free planet!

Second part here!

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