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Sorare NFT Best Sport Games

Sorare NFT is an online managerial soccer game based on playing cards registered in the Ethereum blockchain.

The playing cards are modern figurines that assign the player a score based on the player’s actual performance in the current league. Sorare combines features from games such as Fantasy Football and Football manager, and the playing cards become NFTs.

Once you complete your registration, you will be given a dozen Common cards of players from the major soccer leagues.

These cards have no value because they are not rare cards, their number is unlimited, but they allow you to play the first games and get familiar with the game.
With an e-mail address you can register only one player called manager, although later in the course of the game each player can field multiple teams.

Sorare NFT event

newnftgame_sorare1 Sorare NFT Best Sport Games

At this time on Sorare an invite a friend event is available and we both get a free Card if you purchase at least 5. For my ref link you can click directly here! Sorare ref link.

Following are the rules;

  • Refer friends to Sorare with a unique referral link
  • They sign up directly from your referral link (no cookies)
  • They purchase five (5) or more cards from Sorare’s Marketplace
  • Cards must be purchased within 150 days of creating the referral link
  • Both accounts must be verified
  • You each earn one (1) Limited card
  • Bonus: If you introduce 30 friends who each purchase five (5) or more cards with the above requirements, we will provide you with a one-time unique card for that 30th referral (does not repeat at 60 referrals)

Sorare NFT Rarity Card Game

The playing cards have different levels.

At the base of it all are the white-colored Common Cards which as mentioned are only needed in the initial stages. To continue playing Sorare after you have exhausted the Starter League Rookie participations, you will necessarily have to possess Rare Cards without which you will not be able to enter your team in any tournament such as Global All Star. In fact, all these tournaments are divided into levels from D5 the lowest to D1 the highest that require you to field progressively more and more Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique Cards.

These cards differ in their available quantity. In a season, a maximum of 1,000 yellow Limited Cards 100 red Rare Cards, 10 blue Super Rare Cards, and 1 black Unique Card are issued for each player.

newnftgame_sorare2-1024x408 Sorare NFT Best Sport Games
Sorare NFT Gameplay

In the Play section you can enter one or more teams made up of the players on your roster in one of the many tournaments that are continually being organized.

The tournaments are of different types, some are reserved only for players in European leagues, or Asian or worldwide, and each of these leagues is divided into increasingly difficult levels. Initially you will be able to participate a maximum of 8 times in the Starter League Rookie reserved for new members who only own Common type cards.
Once you have chosen the tournament to participate in, you must field your lineup.

Depending on your placement in the tournament, you will or will not get a prize, either in the form of a rare card or ETH. Prizes are the engine of the game, because you enter tournaments to win them and get higher level playing cards, which will allow us to enter higher level tournaments.

If you don’t know what NFTs are and everything that goes around this world, I recommend that you first read the information found in the


Or these two articles from the Academy section;
Earn NFT

Sorare NFT Market

The Marketplace is the last key aspect to know about when starting to play Sorare. It is divided into two sections: New Cards and Football Market.

In the first you find the New Cards that are gradually issued, obviously it is easier to find red cards, but there is no shortage of blue and brown ones as well. These cards are launched on the market in auction mode, and if you want to secure them you will have to be very careful about last-minute raises that make the price spike upward.

The Kick Market, on the other hand, allows Managers participating in Sorare to trade cards with each other, setting a price to their liking.

You can deposit ETH to your Sorare wallet by purchasing them via credit card, or in case you already own some ETH you can transfer them from your personal wallet.

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