Splinterlands Chaos Legion Presale!

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Splinterlands Chaos Legion

Splinterlands Chaos Legion card packs will be sold for $4 each during the presale, which is double the amount of the previous card packs. The Splinterlands collectible card game expansion will have its pre-sale from Oct. 18 to Nov. 17.
The idea is that the price increase and the huge increase in the Splinterlands player base will result in more expensive trading cards. In addition, these cards will offer all kinds of financial benefits, including points for the daily SPS airdrop. Players will be able to buy packs of cards using credits, which you can purchase using cryptocurrencies or credit cards. You will also be able to spend your SPS and DEC on these new card packs.
There will be a total of 15 million card packs. Players who purchase 100 to 499 decks of cards at the same time will receive an extra 10%. While packs from 500 to 1999 give you 15% extra packs.

What are the advantages of presale?

Pre-sale buyers will be entitled to the 13 airdrop cards and will have a chance for a limited edition promotional card. There is a 2% chance that you will get this promo card and only 2% of these will become Gold Foil editions. Users who purchase 50 or more packages will receive at least one limited edition promo card. Accounts that purchase 1000 packs will definitely receive a gold edition promo card. They will also receive a title “The Legionnaire” for every 1000 packs purchased. While the first 6 buyers can design a Legendary Summoner card, which will be part of the airdrop.
When the presale is launched, the team will sell 1 million card packs out of a total of 15 million. These card packs cannot be opened yet, but they have some advantages. Players who spend their SPS on the presale packs will receive a 10% discount. However, you cannot simply access the presale in this way, as you must spend a voucher for each packet you wish to purchase. To earn vouchers, you must wager SPS on the Splinterlands platform.

nft-italia-splinterlands-chaos2 Splinterlands Chaos Legion Presale!

Splinterlands Chaos Legion token Voucher

Starting on the first day of the presale of the Chaos Legion collection card packs and every day for the duration of 30 days, an amount of 33333 Vouchers will be distributed to players who have staked their SPS tokens.
If there were no VOUCHER tokens participating in the presale would have been a must-do rather than a possible choice.
Voucher tokens, on the other hand, change everything and the convenience of participating in the presale will all depend on their value.
Voucher tokens will be distributed on the first day of the presale so you cannot buy them today but there are already offers to buy them on Hive Engine.

nft-italia-splinterlands-chaos3 Splinterlands Chaos Legion Presale!

Do you think it is worth participating?

I personally believe that this expansion has one major obstacle, the voucher. Why?
Simply because players like me(free to play) or new players don’t have SPS available in large quantities to use which greatly limits the purchase of these new cards, a shame that Splinterlands chose this route, after all it is a play to earn. I will definitely wait for the presale to end to buy packs at a more honest price i.e. $4.

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