Splinterlands Tower Defense

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Splinterlands Tower Defense

Splinterlands Tower Defense is a blockchain-based card game , in which collectible cards are non-fungible tokens(NFT) that allow players to own, trade and earn their resources in the game.

On this site Splinterlands has been covered several times following the various expansions.

Splinterlands has a governance token, called SPS just finished the SPS token distribution phase that lasted a full 365 days.

Splinterlands battles are quick and do not require much attention except to choose the correct formation before the start of each match. You choose your monster formation and watch them fight.

Splinterlands is all about getting the strongest monsters and leveling them up. You cannot progress in leagues unless you possess a certain power over monsters. The progress your account can make is huge, but it also takes a lot of time or money to get a little better.

You can learn more here:

Splinterlands Tutorial

Splinterlands Tower Defense new mode game


hinted for a while that they were working on another game. Now it’s revealed! That game, called Splinterlands Tower Defense Game, or SPLTD, will be part of the Splinterlands ecosystem and will feature use cases for DEC, SPS, vouchers, and even Splinterlands cards.

The Splinterlands Tower Defense Game is an upcoming self-battler tower defense game that will be part of the Splinterlands ecosystem . Featuring its own set of NFTs in the form of Towers, Spells and Heroes, SPLTD will also provide features using Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), SPS tokens, VOUCHER

Players earn rewards as they play and complete levels. The team has already put forward an SPS governance proposal to reallocate one million monthly SPS tokens allocated to the Splinterlands team and use these tokens as rewards in the Tower Defense Game.

In addition to potential SPS rewards, SPLTD will also distribute in-game NFTs. After each level, players can choose to stop and accumulate their gains, or move on to the next level and risk losing some or all of it if they lose!

splinterlands_tower_defense1_newnftgame Splinterlands Tower Defense

Splinterlands Tower Defense SPLTD

SPLTD will feature account-bound progression. Some items needed to reach higher levels of the game will be tied to your account and non-negotiable.

This prevents players from purchasing just to get the higher reward ranks.

They still have to play and accumulate the resources needed to level up in the game.

The team plans to have 25 different towers available for the initial versions.
SLPTD also includes Spell NFT. It links NFT spells to towers to provide additional bonuses and effects.
In addition, Heroes make an appearance in the game. Semi-mobile units that fight until they run out of hit points.

Since SPLTD is PvE only and offers rewards for play, the game will almost certainly attract robots. In order to fight the 24/7 farm, the cards themselves will have reduced earning rates the more they are used. Players can choose to spend DEC tokens to replenish the energy reserves on the cards.

SPLTD will feature card merging for upgrades, in a similar style to Splinterlands.

The Splinterlands Tower Defense game will also support the use of cards from the Splinterlands main game. Point Splinterlands NFTs into Towers to give them bonuses. Although the cards are staked in SPLTD, they cannot be used for anything else.

They cannot be played in Splinterlands, rented, traded or loaned. Withdrawing cards will take time, although players will have the option of spending DEC or VOUCHER to shorten the reassignment period.

Future plans include potential PvP and cooperative PvE . The beta is planned for later this year (2022).

Splinterlands Tower Defense Sale of SPLTD packages

The initial presale for SPLTD packs could take place as early as September 20! The team plans to create two million packs with 250 thousand of those allocated to the presale. And, as they did for the last expansions in Splinterlands, presale participants have a chance to receive an exclusive hero.

Each presale package purchased has a 0.2 percent chance of receiving the promotional Hero. Those who purchase at least 500 packages receive a guaranteed copy of the NFT Promo Hero, a limited edition title and avatar, and access to the closed beta.

SPLTD packs cost $8 each, although using a voucher offers a discount of $3. The packs contain 5 tower cards and can only be purchased with DEC or credits

The team also plans to offer additional airdrops to pack buyers as the sale progresses. The number in parentheses shows how many packs you must have purchased at each level to receive a guaranteed airdrop

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