Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced

splinterlands tutorial advanced.

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Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced

For new players playing Splinterlands can be at the ‘beginning really tiring, because there are a thousand combinations that surely your opponent already knows is how to exploit them. In this advanced tutorial I put into practice some reasoning that in many cases lead to winning a match, experience pays off and by now I’ve been playing this game for a while and I know cards, bonuses and maluses by heart, consequently I can use them to my advantage.

If you still don’t know Splinterlands I suggest you first read my tutorial to start playing that you find here!

Splinterlands only melee monster

In this match with maximum mana 99 you can only use melee monsters. More than the times I lost in this kind of match because I also aimed to do more damage with fire summoner but it’s not enough. In these cases it is better to defend with dragon summoner +1 armor and play monsters with the perfect spine skill against melee, but not only that I also put them in the last positions, why? Because surely the opponent puts monsters with snake and opportunity and in this way I start to take out monsters in the last positions. Although I can only attack once per turn, but cleverness pays off.

splinterlands_melee-1024x497 Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced

Splinterlands tutorial advanced no armor

In this match the mana is very high but only earth or dragon summoner was available.
The no armor malus gives me the chance to deploy that beautiful crocodile with double damage in first position sure of the fact that it will not die thanks to the healer and that beautiful monster in last position that draws all the damage. My opponent deployed the horse in second position, big mistake because practically on the first turn he will stand still and the two healers since they have only 1 speed will not be able to heal his tank, which is why he will die right away.

splinterlands_nolegendary-1024x499 Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced
Splinterlands noo melee monster and sniper ability

In this match the mana is very low and given the presence of the malus no melee monsters, the choice falls on magic mainly. I’ll be honest here too I had thought of playing the aquatic behemoth with a nice monster behind to heal. But then I saw that there was also sniper as a bonus match and so I revised my strategy and as you can see I played the monster in the last position followed by a low mana tank in the first position, just to take advantage of the sniper ability in my favor

splinterlands_sniper-1024x503 Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced
Splinterlands sniper ability

In this match the mana is very high 44 plus there is the sniper ability. Since there were no summoners who could boost the magic of course you go for ranged. My opponent went all in on +1 armor and monsters with fairly high 3/4 speed. I was smarter though because not only with my summoner I decreased both ranged damage and speed but I played a monster that reduces speed further. So with a tank in first position and thanks to sniper for not hitting his tank it was an easy win!

splinterlands_sniper2-1024x513 Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced
Splinterlands explosions and earthquake

In this match with very low mana only earth summoner was available and seeing the malus of the match there is earthquake, which makes you think ok I will play the winged horse. But it is very likely that the opponent also makes the same reasoning and then you ask yourself what card can turn the match around? The answer is the monster that reflects magic damage but it is not enough, it has to be played in the first position. In fact, my opponent was not smart, he played full magic thinking he would make a one-shot on the first turn, and his tactic would have worked if I played the poor winged horse in first position, but alas it did not!

splinterlands_explosive-1024x506 Splinterlands Tutorial Advanced
Splinterlands tutorial advanced

So making a recap, in this advanced tutorial in the time you have to choose which cards to field a key role is the malus or bonus of each match. You don’t need to have strong legendary cards, to win matches often all you need is a little bit of cunning and a lot of experience that you accumulate just by playing, but especially by playing certain cards in specific positions.
Unfortunately, I have not had matches with Poison or Reverse Speed and other maluses, let’s see them next time!

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