Splinterlands Tutorial Chaos Legion first part!

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Splinterlands Tutorial Chaos

With the arrival of the chaos legion expansion on splinterlands, there have been several important changes, especially regarding cards for playing. In fact, the old cards that allowed to play with the “free-to-play” model have been replaced by cards from the chaos expansion. These changes have led to new combinations with the various elements in the game. In this Splinterlands tutorial we see together the first part, namely the nature,life and water decks. If, on the other hand, you are not yet familiar with Splinterlands here!

Splinterlands Tutorial Deck Nature

Thanks to the new chaos cards in deck nature it might be currently one of the strongest to play. The reason is simple, a summoner has been added that provides +1 to magic and some really useful magic cards have been added for team building.
In addition there are also two melee cards that I personally think are very useful for different mana combinations.

Splinterlands Tutorial Deck Life

Deck life might also be one of the strongest and most versatile decks to play at the moment. Again the reason is simple, a summoner has been added that provides +1 to ranged and some really useful ranged cards have been added to the team building for different mana combinations.

Splinterlands Tutorial Deck Water

As for the deck water maybe for those who no longer own the summoner that gives 1 magic, they might feel the nerf. Of the rest the summoner that was added provides 1+ speed and armor, let’s say they are not very useful to the team water combinations, especially for those who are used to playing it full magic. However, I still found some interesting cards, especially the queen that even if she suffers debuf, she still has +2 magic.

Spilnterlands tutorial chaos

The new chaos expansion, has certainly brought a breath of fresh air and new combinations, obviously much to the benefit of those who already owned several cards from the previous expansions, however the combinations have now become endless and with these cards, even for those who want to adopt the free-to-play model, you can get to silver, but the power issue still remains. Part 2 for the remaining elements will be released soon.
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