Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained News NFT

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Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained News NFT

Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained!
In the blockchain gaming industry, for the past two years there have been two card games in particular that I call blockchain giants, even during this crypto crash period.


was my first game on Hive that I continue to play to this day with so many new features.
Gods unchained on the other hand I discovered a month or so later, I never liked card games but these two giants of gaming cards on blockchain were able to change my mind.
Both present themselves as card games it is clear, but they are very different from each other.

But exactly what differences are we talking about? Game modes? Graphics? Future developments?

Who will win this comparison? Let’s find out together!

Splinterlands blockchain Hive


is a play-to-earn trading card game that started on the Steem blockchain as Steemmonsters. However, over time the project changed its name and switched to using the Hive blockchain. The game is played in a browser. Thanks to cross-chain functionality, cards and tokens can also be exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain and Wax.
Splinterlands has a governance token, called SPS just finished the SPS token distribution phase that lasted a full 365 days.
Splinterlands battles are quick and do not require much attention except to choose the correct formation before the start of each match. You choose your monster formation and watch them fight.

Splinterlands is all about getting the strongest monsters and leveling them up. You cannot progress in leagues unless you possess a certain power over monsters. The progress your account can make is huge, but it also takes a lot of time or money to get a little better.

Recently Splinterlands added a new modern mode, for those who have been playing since the last Chaos expansion, also changed the daily quests through an attribute called focus which is to win matches according to the task of the day.

Also, Splinterlands leagues are divided by power which necessarily requires an initial investment. Gods Unchained on the other hand does not have this limitation.

Below is the recently released RoadMap.

There are several articles on this site about this fantastic blockchain game for your convenience I’ll repost them here!

Splinterlands tutorial! 
Tutorial Chaos Legion
Advanced Tutorial Splinterlands

road_map_splinterlands_news_newnftgame-1024x592 Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained News NFT

Gods Unchained blockchain Immutable X

Gods Unchained started as a project by Immutable X which later got the funding and the various investments for its expansion.

First you have to build a deck or select a free starter deck. Then you fight the other player in turn with the spells or monsters you draw from the deck. each turn. The winner is whoever brings the god’s life to 0 the maximum vitality at the beginning of the game is 30 points.

Gods unchained is about collecting your ultimate deck and improving your game skills. There is a market for buying and selling cards that I use to buy that card my deck needs and to sell some cards I own multiple for GODS tokens. You can earn a lot of cards just by playing.

As for future developments Gods Unchained is thinking of Daily-to-earn mode for those who own meteorite quality cards onwards.

Below is the RoadMap released this year.
Also on Gods Unchained there are several articles on this site for your convenience I will quote them here!

Gods Unchained Tutorial!
Daily and Earn! 
Mortal Judgment 
Daily Play & Earn

road_map_gods_unchained_news_newnftgame-1024x443 Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained News NFT
Splinterlands VS Gods Unchained Final

In conclusion then we can say that both of these games are worth playing on blockchain. Splinterlands battles are very fast to play and it is easy to earn the DEC token, but probably later from this year you will earn the SPS token to give more value to the DEC and bring it back to $1 per 1000 DEC.

While the battle style and weekend competitions of Gods Unchained, allow you to earn not only the GODS token but also cards from the current expansion true NFTs without going through the forge.

Let’s say that if we want to break a lance in favor of Splinterlands the advantage lies in the fact that it is also playable from the comfort of a smartphone, Gods Unchained still does not have this possibility and it is not yet clear if it is planned for the future. The fact is that each match on Gods Unchained takes at least 15 minutes!

This clash of gaming giants on blockchain wins it for me.


although we have to say that both of them have very clear ideas about things to do in the near future, it is clear that both are worth playing, but due to lack of time, maybe it is worth focusing on just one.

So you have to choose the style you like best!

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