Star Atlas

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Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a free-to-play and play-to-earn NFT game, real-time graphics technology enable cinematic-quality game visuals, providing a gaming experience never seen until now.
The new space game ushers in the future of video games with an immersive metaverse in which players are rewarded for time spent exploring galaxies and can earn money by trading NFTs and tokens.

Three factions have emerged for battles to conquer resources, territories and politics.

The three factions are:

The MUD territory ruled by humanity
The ONI Region made up of alien races
The Ustur sector which is controlled by androids.

Start Atlas Token

The game is supported by a dual token system representing operations and political influence.
POLIS is the governance token used at each level of governance, representing financial participation in the game, voting power in the DAOs in which it is staked, and control of the Treasury. It has a fixed supply that will not grow (unless a decision to the contrary is made by governance in the future)
ATLAS is the payment token used as a medium of exchange.
It is inflationary, aiming to match the growth of the gaming economy and provide a solid monetary base for gaming economic interactions.

nft-italia-star-atlas-1 Star Atlas

Game factions

Space-traveling faction of humans.
The MUD has emerged as an industrial power in the region by securing diplomatic relations through fair trade with ONI and Ustur.MUD-controlled space provides proximity to raw materials that serve a critical purpose in the process of producing components for remote space travel and ballistic technology. Join the MUDs to ensure the perpetual and just leadership of humanity.
Cybernetic beings have an origin shrouded in complex mystery.
Join the Ustur sector to also form your own path in this physical universe and climb the ranks of every observable spiritual plane. Gain access to vital rare minerals in the formation of highly agile propulsion technologies and high-level hull reinforcement piping.
The ONI faction is a harmonious consortium of diverse species.
The advantages of joining the ONI Region lie primarily in access to densely clustered raw materials within their controlled space. These materials are highly coveted in the creation of advanced stealth and radar technologies that enable even greater breakthroughs.

nft-italia-start-atlas-fazioni Star Atlas
How to generate ATLAS on the game?

The ATLAS token will be exchangeable on cryptocurrency exchanges and can be generated through in-game mining, market-making and trading, PVE quests, and resource gathering.

This is the main process that drives the economy of its metaverse, and 45 percent of ATLAS tokens will be obtained through in-game mining operations. In-game mining also creates jobs in crude and refined ore trading, transportation of goods, and creation of retail components.

Another way to generate ATLAS is through the lore game called Salvage Wars.
It allows players to bid on containers filled with resources recovered from the wild frontier.
The contents of these containers are unknown before purchase, but the weight of the containers and the probability of quality content are known before purchase. Contents can be sold for ATLAS or used to make mining and resource gathering more efficient.

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