The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

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The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is here! It’s time to re-enter the Metaverse.
This time, non-Alpha Pass holders are invited to enjoy all the content of the Season 2 Alpha . If you do not own a Season 2 Alpha Pass you can still participate in the more than 35 experiences !

All S2 Alpha Pass holders will be able to redeem a prize of up to $1000 SAND available for application on April 1, from 14:00 UTC onwards .

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the first article on

The Sandbox  here!

Everyone with an account can win a season 2 Alpha Pass during the raffle.

Raffle Day will take place at the end of Alpha season 2 (March 31).

Complete enough quests within the experiences to get as many raffle tickets as possible-the more raffle tickets you have, the better your chances of winning the Seasons 2 Alpha Pass on Raffle Day!

thesandbox_alphapass1 The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

What's new in the second season!

Season 2 of Sandbox Alpha will take place during the month of March with the opening on March 3 at 15:00 UTC.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to explore over 35 experiences.
This includes 18 updated experiences first seen in season 1 that will feature fantastic redesigns and epic quests for season 2.

Also added are 5 new original experiences, 4 new experiences supported by Game Maker Fund, 3 new IP experiences, a new transportation HUB plus some crazy Game Jam experiences.

In addition, this time 100% of the experiences will be open to everyone! You read that right, even without an S2 Alpha Pass, you will be able to play all 35+ experiences included in the Alpha 2 season.

Contests Social The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

You will have a chance to win an alpha 2 season pass by participating in social contests, from March 3 to March 23.

Daily social contest activities will be available every weekday as in Season 1, and this time players can participate directly on The Sandbox website !

A new activity + tweet to be completed each weekday.

Winners are randomly selected once a week to win an S2 Alpha Pass.

Get more chances to win by completing all activities!

Booster rewards for the community

Community staking has also been introduced for Alpha Season 2!

The total amount of SAND staked by the community during the Alpha 2 Season will increase the mSAND rewards of all Alpha S2 Passes.

The maximum Community Booster is +100%.
The base $ SAND reward available with the S2 Alpha Pass is $500 SAND.

If the Community Booster reaches +100%, the $SAND rewards will then be 1,000 SAND for all S2 Alpha Passes. Otherwise, the $SAND rewards will be 500 SAND for Season 2.

A very nice initiative from The Sandbox team!

P.s starting later doesn’t change anything all the quests that unlock each day can be done the next day too!!!

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