Thetan Arena MOBA NFT Battle Royale

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Thetan Arena MOBA NFT

Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based MOBA and Battle Royale-style game that will feature its own game economy. The ability to earn money by playing is the main incentive of blockchain-based NFT games to satisfy both players and investors. We have seen this in famous cases such as Axie Infinity, Splinterlands,Sorare, etc.
The gameplay will be based on a combination of the player’s personal skills and teamwork. There will be various game modes and monthly updates with different rewards.

nft-italia-tethan-arena-nft Thetan Arena MOBA NFT Battle Royale

Arena start

Thetan Arena has a 2D design with a top-down view for players. The game features a minimalist environment and characters design with a retro feel. In each round, players will use their combat skills and teamwork to finish with maximum rewards.

The economy of the game is based on Thetan Coin . It will be used to obtain Premium Heroes or players can withdraw it by fiat. In addition, the gem will be used to upgrade premium heroes to thetan heroes or it could be wagered for rewards.

Thetan Arena is developed by the famous game developer Wolffun . Wolffun has so far created two established games on Google Playstore: Tank Raid Online and Heroes’ Strike. These games have more than 10 million downloads.

nft-italia-tethan-arena-gem Thetan Arena MOBA NFT Battle Royale


I personally think that this game has a nice future ahead of it considering that it is already played by millions of people since it will also adopt the free to play model.
Of course we still have to wait before we can see the full potential of this game, but in any case unlike other nft games a game on Tethan Arena lasts very few minutes and is also fun since it offers different game modes.

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