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Splinterlands how to start playing practical guide!

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What are the rules of the game?

This tutorial explains how to start playing a splinterlands. When you start playing splinterlands long enough, you will realize that the location of your monsters during a game will greatly influence the outcome of the game. Although there will be matches where the mana limit will restrict players from being able to fill all six available positions. First of all, every time a match starts you have to choose a summoner for an item type.evocatoreAll Splinterlands how to start playing practical guide!

The first monster in the formation should never be a ranged attack monster, unless the game rule set includes “close combat.” In addition, the first-position monster will only attack the opponent’s first-position monster. Any monster ability is replaced in the first position, except if the ability affects an opponent’s monster beyond the first position.
It is very advantageous to put a “tank” monster in first position. Cards that have the healing ability and high health and/or armor statistics are tank monsters.

The second monster in the formation is position 2. A very useful ability for position 2 is monsters with the range ability. The reason is that it can attack in position 2. From position 2 and up any ranged monster will be able to attack.

I grouped from 3 to 5 because there are many skills that allow monsters in these positions to attack.
Some very useful skills for these monsters are stealth, opportunity and sniping.
This spot is ideal for monsters that have the ability to defend your formation or increase attack stats. For example healing the tank or boosting it with life and armor etc.

It is advantageous for this monster to be a ranged monster since it will be able to attack during the battle to the last monster in your formation. This monster will also benefit with less chance of being killed since it is the farthest from the formation. However, it is not immune and can be quickly eliminated if your opponent has a sneak attack monster.

Splinterland final

As the game progresses and each monster is eliminated, obviously the empty position 1 is filled by the next monster in line. The first to eliminate all the opponent’s monsters first wins the game. In this way you gain DEC and rank points to climb the leaderboard and get even higher rewards.
The further you go in the game the more you earn, for example now 1000 DEC in the game is equivalent to about 7€ and in each match at the beginning you can win even 10 to 50 depends on a number of factors and cards you choose.
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