Undead Blocks Kill Zombies & Earn

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Undead Blocks Kill Zombies & Earn

Undead Blocks invites all survivors to answer the call to arms and kill zombies to earn in-game rewards! It will be the first AAA “kill-to-earn” first-person shooter about zombies. Players can use NFT Loadouts of weapons to kill zombies and earn daily rewards.

Players can participate in daily leaderboards and challenges to earn gold ZBUXs, which can be exchanged for selected cryptocurrencies or used to obtain rare and limited-edition in-game items and weapons.

They will also earn standard ZBUX, which allow survivors to level up their weapons and accumulate capital in the assets they own as we quickly enter a digital renaissance.

With a complete storyline and built-in character arcs, Undead Blocks will prioritize play and profit, with secondary tokenomics and a value proposition that are crafted for the sustainability and peace of mind of players and investors.

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Undead Blocks 3 mode game

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The game features 3 game modes, let’s see which ones:

  • Solo – Survive as many waves as you can alone
  • Teams – Gather your friends and play with a group of 2-4 players and work together to kill zombies.
  • SpeedRun – Players must complete a set number of waves as fast as possible!


All players start the game with a gun and a combat knife. Additional weapons and equipment that the player has unlocked in his weapon loadout can be found at different points on the map.
Each kill confers XP on the player, with a bonus for those who kill zombies with a headshot. Loadout weapons can be obtained during the game using XP, which will give the player the ability to use all the resources he has!

Undead Blocks XP what are they used for?

undeadblocks_newnftgames1-1024x505 Undead Blocks Kill Zombies & Earn

With ‘XP you can do so many things let’s see which ones:

  • Weapons – if the player has the weapon included in his weapon loadout, the weapon will be available on the map to be obtained with XP.
  • Grenades – Molotov cocktails and grenades are both available to be obtained with XP if the player has them included in their weapons loadout.
  • Perk – Macho Dew, Dr. Helper, Reload Rootbeer and Diet Sprint vending machines are located in various locations around the map and allow the player to obtain a can of each to drink and obtain the perk if it is present in their weapon loadout.

Doors – New areas of the map can be unlocked with XP to find new equipment or good spots to set up and kill.

Token $UNDEAD what is it for?

On-chain, exchanged on DEX and CEX can be used for:

  • Stake2Mint program
  • After the token is launched, the $UNDEAD token can be staked for periods of 6, 9, or 12 months for %APY returns rewarded in additional $UNDEAD tokens at the completion of the staking period.
  • By wagering a defined minimum amount of $UNDEAD tokens in one of the wagering pools, a free weapon loadout will be minted immediately after the token is wagered and will be added to the staker’s wallet for immediate use.
  • Limited edition in-game purchases
  • Limited edition in-game items will only be available for purchase in UNDEAD tokens.
  • Government
  • Undead Blocks will implement a raw voting system with a weight based on $UNDEAD possessions. Holders of $UNDEAD will be able to vote on issues such as, but not limited to:
  • Incorporation of future weapon loadouts into the ecosystem
  • Future game modes and maps
  • Potential rewards for $UNDEAD token holders based on performance and sustainability
Undead players earn together!

Here the game of teams of friends coordinating and playing together is promoted. During each game of Squads mode, players will be able to invite their friends in a Lobby to participate in the same game and take down zombies together, every single day. In addition, with the Squads mode’s daily leaderboard challenges, groups of friends will be able to compete as a team and earn cryptocurrency together. Imagine reaching the top of the leaderboard and earning with your best friends for the first time in your gaming life!

But that’s not all!
Although the game must be downloaded to a PC or Mac, seamless connection to a Playstation or Xbox controller via Bluetooth or plug-ins allows players who prefer portable remote play to experience Undead Blocks the way they feel most comfortable. Simple step-by-step assistance is available to connect the controller of players’ choice. Even all game icons adapt to the control method used!

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