Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

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Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

Venom Blockchain Airdrop
The Venom Testnet is an innovative platform that offers a secure and user-friendly environment for developers, users, and enthusiasts to interact with decentralized applications (dApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Venom’s tasks are too many in this article we only see a few but the most important thing is that we still have time so let’s go!

Setting Venom Testnet Wallet

wallet_venom Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

To set up a wallet on the Venom Testnet. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the official Venom Testnet website.
  2. Locate and click on the “Install Venom Wallet” button within the “How it works” section.

Claiming your Testnet Tokens

When connecting Twitter for the first time, you will receive a pop-up asking for your authorization. You will need to authorize Venom to access your account in order to continue.

Once all the tasks have been completed you need to click “Claim” to claim 50 Testnet VENOM tokens. If for any reason you encounter any issues with claiming your tokens, please refresh the page.

Having done the preliminary steps let’s start interacting with Venom let’s see some tasks are all very simple it took me maybe 1 hour to complete everything and I would receive all those NFT achievements!

venom_token Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

Interacting with dApps and NFTs

venom_task Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

Completing tasks Venom Blockchain Airdrop

Once you have completed the first three tasks of connecting your Venom wallet, logging in with your Twitter account, and following Venom Foundation on Twitter, you will be presented with our testnet ecosystem explorer. It is here where you will complete tasks in order to test out our dApps.

If you scroll down on the task page, under “Explore the Venom Ecosystem” you will see a list of dApps that you are able to interact with. To begin your first interaction with the testnet, click on the “Complete tasks” button under Venom.

The Venom Wallet will open a new window asking you to confirm the transaction. Enter your wallet password and click on “Confirm transaction” in the bottom right to continue.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see the buttons change to “Minting” and “Processing”. Please be patient during this time, as in some cases in can take up to 20 seconds for the minting process to complete.

Congratulations on earning your first Venom NFT! Its now time to move on to interacting with our dApps, starting with the Venom Wallet.

venom_nft Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet
Venom Stake

Staking tokens in Venom Stake

To stake tokens in Venom Stake, follow these steps: Click on “Venom Stake” in the “Products accessible on Testnet” section.

Connect your wallet and enter the amount of tokens you want to stake. Once you decided how much you want to stake, click on “Stake”.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Mint NFT

Follow these steps to mint your Venom Stake Testnet NFT

Click on either “Mint” button on the Venom Stake task list

The Venom Wallet will appear as a pop-up, confirming the transaction to continue.

Once the transaction has been processed you will receive your Venom Stake Testnet NFT

venom_nft2 Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet
Oasis Gallery
oasys Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

Follow Oasis Gallery

Follow these steps to follow Oasis Gallery on Twitter. On the Oasis Gallery task list, click on the “Follow” button.

Buy an NFT

To explore the Oasis Gallery NFT Marketplace, follow these steps: Click on “Oasis Gallery” in the “Products accessible on Testnet” section. Browse available NFTs and select one you like.

Click “Buy Now” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Listing an NFT for sale

To list an NFT for sale, follow these steps: Go to your NFT collection in Oasis Gallery. Under “MY NFTS”

Follow these steps to mint the Oasis Gallery Testnet NFT.

Click on the “Mint” button displayed under the NFT.

Do you want more Venom tokens to do tasks ? No problem there is a quiz that gives 5 each day and also there are additional tokens if you join the various discords in the Venom ecosystem!

venom_nft3 Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet
Claiming More Venom Testnet Tokens
venom_daily Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

To claim more testnet tokens, should it prove necessary. Follow these steps:

Head to Earn NFT Achievements and click Need more VENOM

Complete the given tasks to claim more Testnet VENOM tokens.

Keep a lookout for daily quizzes that test your knowledge about Venom blockchain and our ecosystem.

I only showed some tasks to catch some NFT, clearly there are many others to do like swap, send token, twitter etc.!

Venom is an exciting blockchain project that seeks to create a scalable and decentralized infrastructure for applications in DeFi and global payments. Its open-source and transparent nature allows for greater community participation, and the project has attracted significant interest and support. Follow the video guide, stake your VENOM, transfer assets between networks with Venom Bridge, and participate in future AirDrop programs through Venom Pad. Stay informed through Discord, Telegram, and Twitter channels for more information. Don’t miss your chance to be involved in this innovative project!

venom_discord Venom Blockchain Airdrop Join The Testnet

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