PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

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PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

I’m thrilled to share this unique adventure in the world of DeFi with you, under the guidance of our beloved PancakeSwap. In celebration of PancakeSwap’s third birthday, we’ve embarked on an extraordinary journey into the multichain universe through the Galxe Mystery Box Campaign. I invite you to join me as we venture to Planet 2 to uncover the mysteries of multichain swaps on Mercury.

When and How to Participate: 

Our adventure began on September 18th at 15:00 UTC and will continue until October 9th at 23:59 UTC in 2023. Participating is simple:

  • Visit the Galxe Mystery Box Campaign page:

  • Engage in cross-chain trading: Execute a minimum transaction of $50 USD worth of tokens in a single trade on any chain available on PancakeSwap v3. These chains include BNB Chain, Ethereum, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Arbitrum, and Base.

  • Claim your mystery box: PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

  • By completing a minimum $50 USD trade in any token. You’ll earn a mystery box to open, with the chance to win various prizes. Please note that one eligible transaction qualifies you for only one mystery box.

  • Join the Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery: Complete at least one trade with a minimum value of $50 USD in any of the supported tokens on all seven chains to stand a chance to win remarkable prizes.

  • Engage in Galxe’s social activities: Follow PancakeSwap on Twitter, share PancakeSwap’s posts, join PancakeSwap’s Telegram, and participate in PancakeSwap’s Discord to earn extra points in your adventure.

What’s Inside the Mystery Boxes:

pancakeswap-mercury-mysteries-defi-galxe PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

Each mystery box contains a special surprise. Winners may receive a special Discord role celebrating PancakeSwap’s third birthday, cash prizes ranging from $0.3 to $333, with a total distribution of $6,000. Or you could even win one of 25 exclusive merchandise items.

The Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery: PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

pancakeswap-mercury-mysteries-defi-cake PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

If you’re looking to aim even higher, by participating in the Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery. You might have a chance to win one of 50 cash prizes of $33 each or one of 50 exclusive PancakeSwap merchandise items.

Terms and Conditions: PancakeSwap Mercury Mysteries

  • The campaign ran from September 18th to October 9th
  • We randomly assigned prizes for mystery boxes and the mega lottery.
  • We capped the maximum number of mystery boxes at 5,000 and distributed them on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The minimum trading amount to earn a mystery box was $50 USD in a single transaction, with only one mystery box per eligible transaction.
  • To participate in the Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery, you had to complete at least one trade with a minimum value of $50 USD on all seven supported chains.

Join me in this incredible adventure, complete the quests, unlock the mystery boxes, and let the universe of rewards unveil its secrets. I’m excited to share this extraordinary experience with all of you, dear readers!

Questions and Answers:

1. How can I participate in PancakeSwap’s Galxe Mystery Box Campaign?

2. Which chains are supported for the cross-chain trading campaign?

  • Supported chains include BNB Chain, Ethereum, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Arbitrum, and Base.

3. What can I find inside the mystery boxes?

  • Each mystery box contains various prizes, including special Discord roles, cash prizes, or exclusive merchandise items.

4. Can I participate in the Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery?

  • Yes, you can participate in the Multichain Hub Cosmic Lottery by completing at least one trade with a minimum value of $50 USD in all seven supported chains.

5. When will the prizes be awarded?

  • The prizes for the mystery boxes and the lottery were randomly assigned after the campaign concluded.

6. What if I couldn’t participate?

  • If you couldn’t participate in this campaign, don’t worry; there will be more exciting opportunities in the future. Stay tuned to PancakeSwap for updates on upcoming initiatives!

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